Enriching lives through personalized and innovative education.


Enriching lives through personalized and innovative education.



KidzToPros was founded in 2016 from Pooja Shah’s own frustration with enrichment offerings in northern California. She was looking for tennis lessons for her son, but Google was not much help. There was no “Yelp” of tennis lessons or other after-school programs in her area.

When she finally tracked down someone local, she was given the runaround. She wasn’t able to meet the instructor or see the schedule or sequence of classes. A trial class was out of the question.

“I called one of my friends whose kids were much older, and she had also been put through the gamut,” Pooja said. “She told me, ‘Well, that’s just how it is.'”

Pooja, a Silicon Valley tech executive, had always wanted to start a business — now she had a mission.

Pooja believes that finding education and enrichment activities for your children should not be so difficult. So, together with Shane Fernandes, she founded KidzToPros.

Using best practices learned from time spent at organizations including Facebook, Apple and Google, KidzToPros built a powerful operations management platform to deliver and manage all programs.

The platform also allows parents to easily search and enroll their children in any KidzToPros program, communicate directly with instructors, track student progress and receive SMS notifications anytime their student is checked in or out or a session.

Since it was founded in 2016, KidzToPros has delivered more than 1 million curriculum hours to more than 30,000 students.

The curriculum has been developed by a team of experts to help the kids of today become the innovators of tomorrow. Whether it’s a course in robotics or origami, KidzToPros lessons are designed to ignite curiosity and spark a love for learning.

With the infrastructure already in place, KidzToPros is prepared to introduce new programs that meet the current needs of students and families.


Working parents already have enough to juggle. KidzToPros handles the logistics and eliminates the need to shuttle children around to activities, saving parents valuable time.


Not only was our best-in-class platform built through innovation, we incorporate innovation into every course and program we offer in order to prepare students for jobs of the future.


KidzToPros keeps kids safe and engaged during the after-school and summer hours while always keeping parents in the loop about their kids’ location and progress.


KidzToPros partners with hundreds of schools and recreation organizations across the country to bring affordable and accessible enrichment education to children everywhere.