Finland is the Recess Champion! | Finland has one of the best education systems in world’s

Finland is the Recess Champion! | Finland has one of the best education systems in world’s

Finland is the Recess Champion: First graders in Finland spend only 4.5 hours a day in school, including 1.5 hours spent on recess. This recess-hyped jump start to their education has proven to give their students a jump on the rest of the world.

Finnish students consistently score near the top for reading, math, and science, and their seemingly casual curriculum continues throughout their education, including short 15-minute recess breaks after 45 minutes of class learning time.

Finland is the Recess Champion

The core principle behind their educational success story is simple brain science. Physical activity and exercise releases happy endorphins, reduces stress and anxiety, builds confidence, and improves one’s focus and attentiveness. More recess equals more brain power.

As Finland creates opportunities for its students to blow off some steam throughout the school day, 40% of US school districts have now cut back or even eliminated recess in an effort to push core academics and raise standardized test scores. So in an effort to catch up with other countries’ educational successes, are we actually slowing our kids down?

Mix in the politics of school planning boards, tight budgets, social economics, and simply “old ways” of doing things, a campaign for more playtime during school time may feel like a daunting task. Toss in a device-crazed youth perpetually more prone to jump on their iPad rather than a bike, our US youth are not losing the education battle, they’re losing themselves.

The answer? More exercise. More fresh air. More enrichment. That’s where new and innovative organizations like KidzToPros comes into play. We’ve created an online platform that allows parents and their kids to easily search and join After School Enrichment Programs focused on sports and STEAM, and summer camps, too.

The US is and will always be a world leader, but we can’t lose sight of what got us here—freedom. So let’s provide our students with more freedom and more opportunities for enrichment, to learn and play sports, and just be themselves.

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