The Importance of Children Playing Sports

The Importance of Children Playing Sports

The Importance of Children Playing Sports in Summer Camp: Sports are apart of the fabric of communities to bring people closer together. In a lot of ways, sports are one of the greatest things created by humankind and one of the longest traditions in our world’s history.

Sports are a way of connecting, working together, and making many memories that will carry us throughout life. As children, sports are one of the more popular activities we engage in as a younger, more energetic generation; however, it isn’t for everyone and no child should be pushed into it or they may develop an aversion to sports later in life.

However, sports are very beneficial for a child’s growth and development and should always be nurtured and encouraged as a way of learning and having fun rather than just winning a game or a trophy.

Sports benefit children in a myriad of different ways including physically mentally, socially and boosting emotional health. Sports allow children to learn about their bodies and their machinations.

Importance of Children Playing Sports in Summer Camp

It is also a way for them to stay healthy and fit, benefitting their heart and lungs to develop and become stronger as the years go on. It also aids in their growth and development as well as reducing stress and anxiety and can prevent depression which, according to the CDC, affects 3.2% of children, (approximately 1.9 million) ages 3-17 years of age.

Participating in physical activity can enhance a child’s self-esteem as they develop life skills to aid them in becoming strong in summer camp, contributing member of society as an adult. Fortunately, sports are open to everyone and many take advantage at an early age.

When it comes to building social skills, sports offer a long list of them. While playing sports which usually consist of teams, children learn how to work together with their teammates to score goals and potentially win games. They also learn problem-solving and how to work together to reach their goals.

Sports is also an excellent way for children to develop long-lasting friendships and building trust with others as well as within themselves. These are very important social skills as they echo throughout their lives especially as they enter their teen years and then into adulthood.

Children Sports in Summer Camp

A Child’s self-esteem and personal confidence in their abilities are two of the many cornerstones of their entire lives as they go on to become a contributing member of society, potentially having a family of their own where they will teach their children morals and values carrying the traditions of parenthood.

Character building is a crucial piece when it comes to playing sports. From children’s sports to professional sports, those with a strong moral code play the game fairly and help rather than harm others. As kids, we are taught good sportsmanship including saying “Good game” to the opposing team whether their team won or lost it’s all about being respectful and just enjoying the game itself rather than worrying about winning or losing.

We learn early on how to win and how to lose; we learn that while losing can be difficult, we did all that we can do and that there are clearly things to improve on. Sports are about improvement, from the sport itself to one’s own self-improvement to the improvement of the team and overcoming obstacles such as losing game after game, physical injury, or low numbers.

Obstacles such as these can shape a person in a negative or positive way, the best way to obtain the latter is to continuously nurture the children’s’ emotions and help them understand that in life, losing happens and while it is not always avoidable, it is a good way to understand their challenges and to try overcoming them.

Adults, we are expected to have a strong ethical and moral code and to understand the difference between right and wrong. We grow up to be contributing members of society and to work together as a team as well as to rely on ourselves with confidence in our own abilities. We learn from mistakes and go on to improve ourselves, to learn and develop ourselves into who we want to be.

Importance of Children Sports in Summer Camp

Many of us learn such life skills on the court, on the ice, or on the field; for many of us, sports shaped who we are today as adults. We learned to play with others, we learned right from wrong and what is fair, and we learned what we ourselves as individuals are capable of. We learned respect for authority and others as well as ourselves.

We learned to push ourselves and understand that no dream is too far away, we learned confidence and what it takes to reach and achieve goals. Sports teaches children so many life skills and in so many ways shape us to work hard and stay strong even when certain things in life aren’t going as one planned.

We learn obstacles can lead us in the right direction and with time things fall into place. Sometimes we are meant for things we never imagined would happen and sometimes they make us an even better person than what we thought before.

In sports, children and young teens see that occur during a game or tournament where a devastating loss may be difficult to deal with but in the long run can help them to understand that hard work is never for anything but sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned, and it isn’t a reason to stop trying. We learn to become stronger and to carry on through sports.

Sports has many benefits and for some, it is just a game or an activity but for others, it is a way to grow and develop themselves into something better.

Sports are good for children to build social skills and self-esteem and to obtain a skill set that will carry them throughout their lives and help them to understand who they are as an individual on a team.

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