6 Benefits of Blending Arts, Sports & STEM at Summer Camp

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Children’s brains are like little sponges, soaking up and retaining an amazing amount of knowledge! For parents, watching youngsters learn and grow proves rewarding and exciting. But in addition to gaining wisdom and intelligence, kids also need opportunities for physical activity and creative expression. Summer camp provides all three through an inclusive and blended arts, sports and STEM course experience. 

At KidzToPros (KTP), we teach kids STEM concepts through games and activities like Minecraft and Wonder Robotics. We also expose and encourage their creative sides through performing or visual arts. Then, they’re up and moving, conditioning their bodies while playing sports like basketball and tennis. This kind of blended summer camp adventure benefits students academically, socially and physically.

Why STEM, Arts and Sports ALL Matter

Kids need balance. As parents, we know that scholastic achievement leads to a more promising future. However, we also want our children to understand the importance of being active and healthy, and appreciating the arts. 

Playing sports benefits kids in numerous ways. During KTP summer camp, our students learn the importance of healthy bodies and minds. Staying active at summer camp allows them to direct their energy in appropriate ways, while having fun and learning important concepts. 

At KTP camps, we recognize the importance of balancing different interests. We know that learners who incorporate knowledge, information, physical activity and artistic expression into their daily lives usually become more well-rounded and educated adults who mesh well with the world around them. 

That’s why a summer camp experience that blends all these elements together takes center stage at KidzToPros’ camps. Blending STEM, sports and arts courses opens up new worlds to children who might otherwise never experience them. 

How All 3 Work Together 

Arts, sports and STEM work together in many different ways – and learning about one often helps students understand the other. For example, math and science, both STEM topics, feature prominently in sports. We learn about an athlete’s statistics, how far a soccer player can run in a certain amount of time, or how to calculate the trajectory of a basketball. Physics helps us understand how a player improves over time with the right training. 

The same kind of connection holds true for arts and technology. For example, both math and music expression involve fractions. Theater set designers use math theories to measure, incorporate geometric shapes and apply spatial reasoning.

The arts allow young people to interpret, present and share STEM work with a broader audience. KTP campers use drawing, comedic performance or film production to broadly share the knowledge and talents they gain in robotics, programming, math or science. Wouldn’t a science fair with an art show or movie expo be amazing? 

6 Benefits of Arts, Sports and STEM Summer Camps

Still curious how a blended summer camp experience benefits kids? Read on to find out!

1. Makes Children More Well-Rounded

When you expose your children to more than one discipline, it helps them better understand the world. They discover connections between subjects and learn more in the process. For instance, history teachers partner with language arts teachers because learning about different eras is richer when you bring in books written during that period. The same is true for arts, sports and STEM: Kids get a richer educational experience learning about many paths to knowledge, rather than just one. 

2. Introduces Kids to All the Opportunities Around Them

Wouldn’t it be awful if kids thought they only had one option for a successful future? At KTP summer camps near you, kids learn about arts, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and sports. Let them try a bit of everything to find their true interests and passions. It makes high school and college so much more interesting, as they discover different definitions of success for themselves. 

3. Helps Kids Find Their “Voice”

Exposure to the arts teaches children both verbal and non-verbal ways to communicate. It shows them how to better articulate their emotions using both their voice and body language. Kids also sing, draw, paint, write creatively or tell stories that show what they’re feeling. 

4. Introduces Multiple Ways to Demonstrate Talent

A child who creates a robot that moves and talks is not any more or any less talented than a soccer player or artist. Let’s open up the definition of ‘talent’ to include every child who uses their abilities to create or do something new! 

5. Builds Physical, Emotional and Intellectual Strengths

KidzToPros offers multiple STEM, arts and sports camps because every kid deserves to shine. When children run, play, work together, create and learn, they get stronger. Their muscles and bones grow, they express themselves appropriately, and they learn academic skills that help them earn higher grades in school. It’s a win all the way around!

6. Provides More Options for the Future

When a child discovers more pathways to success, it increases the odds they’ll take one. If it isn’t coding or programming, maybe it’s graphic arts or athletics. Experimentation helps them find what they’re good at and gets them started on a journey toward learning more, which also leads to scholarships, college and meaningful post-school lives. 

Discover Blended Summer Camps Near You

Engaging kids on different levels to explore STEM, arts and sports together teaches the importance of a life involved in all three disciplines. KTP camps offer simultaneous lessons in all three, such as the importance of reasoning, teamwork and strategizing. When we give children a well-rounded summer camp experience, we open doors for them that they might not have found without us. 

Discover all our sports, arts and STEM camps near you, and give your kiddos all the benefits of a blended summer camp experience!