Afterschool Sports Programs: Improving Kids’ Lives

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Playing sports benefits kids in many ways. At the end of the school day, young athletes can’t wait to burst through those school doors, get out on the court or field, mix it up with their friends and engage in a little healthy competition. Afterschool sports programs provide a stimulating environment where youngsters can come together for sports activities, have a blast with their peers and learn new skills that improve their lives.

If you’re looking for ways to teach your kids good sportsmanship, improved health and interactive fun, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out how to use KidzToPros’ afterschool sports programs as a guide toward a higher quality, more active lifestyle for your children.

Why Afterschool Sports Programs Are So Important

With the proliferation of technology today, students spend an inordinate amount of time on electronics. This bypasses face-to-face interaction with other students and often leads to inactivity, an unhealthy diet, a lack of quality sleep and a sedentary lifestyle. 

On the other hand, youngsters who participate in sports interface more with their peers, become more active and physically fit, tend to eat healthier and sleep better, and develop muscle strength, endurance and coordination through practice and movement.

But besides meeting students’ needs for physical and mental stimulation, afterschool programs like KidzToPros’ help students improve focus, concentration and performance in school. This often leads to better grades and improved behavior, as well as enhanced mood. 

Playing sports also means kids may find areas of passion and skill they never knew existed. Following those passions might even help determine their path in life.  

9 Lasting Benefits of Afterschool Sports Programs for Children

Whether they’re physically fit or not, all kids need social and mental interaction with others their own age outside of school. Since most daily learning involves listening, absorbing and processing information, and demonstrating understanding, playing sports gives kids a chance to do something completely different. 

While learning and playing sports, kids use both their brains and bodies to:

  • Blow off Steam
  • Develop Physical Skills
  • Improve Self-Esteem
  • Make Friends
  • Laugh and Have Fun
  • Get Exercise
  • Learn Teamwork
  • Develop Leadership Skills
  • Play Fair

After sitting at a desk all day in school, kids need activities that develop their skills further, promote physical fitness, teach them the value of teamwork, and build self-confidence that helps them problem-solve in life. Afterschool sports programs do all that and more! 

Afterschool Sports Programs & Parents

While playing sports, children learn an abundance of attitudes and behaviors that carry over into their adult lives. 

KidzToPros’ coaches and instructors work hard to teach kids the importance of team values, good sportsmanship and fair play. However, we also encourage parents to take an active role in this training, as well. 

Ways Parents Can Help

To help your children get the most out of playing sports in afterschool sports programs, consider offering the following support:

Talking, Listening, Providing Feedback

Talk to youngsters about their experiences. The more you do, the more likely your kiddos are to feel they can share their thoughts with you.

Actively listen to their concerns. Make eye contact while they’re talking and express empathy when they need it, without interrupting.

Provide emotional support and positive feedback. Just knowing you’re there and willing to listen, reassure and provide a sounding board means a lot.

Staying Grounded, Showing Interest, Cheering Them On

Keep your expectations realistic. Don’t expect a child who’s never played sports to suddenly play like a pro! Give them time and space to develop as they will.

Learn about their sport of choice – and support their involvement in it. Being willing to take children to the basketball or tennis court on the weekend to work on their skills shows you’re invested right along with them.

Praise their efforts to play and compete. Encourage kids to stick it out, regardless how they feel they’re doing, and give their 100 percent best – just because it’s the right thing to do.

Coaching, Showing Up, Modeling Appropriate Behavior

Teach them how to handle disappointments. If they don’t get to play a particular position or they lose a game, show kids the positives they’re gaining just by playing – and teach them to be good sports about it.

Attend some games or tournaments to show you care. You better believe they’ll be watching for you next time!

Model respectful spectator behavior. Kids always learn more from what we do than what we say.

As you talk to your kids about their experiences, demonstrate pride in their accomplishments, and share in their wins and defeats, you help shape values and morals that determine who your children become. And that’s no insignificant feat!

KidzToPros’ Afterschool Sports Programs

Ready to find afterschool sports programs? We’ve got you covered! KidzToPros has courses for ball lovers, birdie wackers, goal makers and dribble masters. 

Whether your children have a passing interest in a sport and want to explore it further or they’ve been playing it for years, they’ll love attending our afternoon sports programs. Here they can work on learning new skills, perfecting old ones and improving their lives in a multitude of ways.

Take some time to browse the options below, then sign up on our website for an afterschool sports program today! And remember, we’re always adding new programs, so check back frequently for updates. 

We’ll see your kids there!


Kids take their game up a notch with KidzToPros’ after-school Basketball program! They practice layups, jump shots, pivots, footwork, rebounds and defense, all under the tutilege of an expert coach. Students leave camp with increased confidence, ability and leadership skills, making them basketball MVPs!

Play It All Sports

Does your child enjoy playing hoops and scoring goals? Are they obsessed with perfecting their swing? Keep them active and moving at Play It All Sports, where students combine skills in tennis, soccer, hockey and basketball to become the best player they can be — in all four! Having fun and staying fit has never been so easy.


Turn excess energy into scoring drives at KidzToPros’ after-school Soccer program! Players learn the basics of soccer, like passing, receiving, dribbling, goal keeping and defending. Then they work to perfect techniques such as footwork, foot-eye coordination, ball control, passing accuracy and body control. Find out why soccer is the most popular sport in the world!


Successfully playing tennis is all about technique! In our after-school Tennis program, your aspiring tennis player starts with the fundamentals, moves toward improved stroke and footwork, and ends up with smooth techniques that improve their overall game. Fun, skill and understanding help your student make the most of this course!