Creative and Digital Arts in KidzToPros Summer Camps

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KidzToPros Art Camps

Summer camp enrichment is vital for children’s development. At KidzToPros, STEM is a large part of our focus, but that doesn’t mean we don’t understand the benefits of a rich, artistic education. 

Why Art?

Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and supports the development of cognitive, social-emotional, and multisensory skills. Art provides opportunities for brain development, mastery, self-esteem, and creativity.  KidzToPros’ exciting art camps provide a platform for children to gain all these skills and express themselves through various art forms.

Maybe your child is passionate about music, cartooning, origami, or something more specific. Children love to explore different artistic mediums and find out what they enjoy. That’s where KidzToPros comes in. We offer a variety of art courses and camps perfect for any budding artist!

Creative Arts: PreK to 2nd Grade

Creative Arts is a great option for our youngest artists to develop basic artistic techniques for hands-on arts and crafts. If you have a PreK to 2nd grader, check out these benefits. 

  • Freedom to express creativity through painting, drawing, and crafting
  • Grow knowledge of various art materials and techniques
  • Explore different artistic styles and learn to create unique masterpieces
  • Cultivate a love for self-expression in a supportive environment.

Art Skills: 2nd to 5th & 6th to 8th Grade

Art Skills takes your camper’s art techniques to the next level! Your student will learn technical drawing skills through multiple art techniques and styles and build an amazing portfolio of their work. If you have a 2nd through 8th grader, check out these benefits: 

  • Immersion in a  world of art and unleashed creativity
  • Explore various art techniques and styles
  • Enhance focus through engaging in grade-appropriate activities 
  • Develop a beautiful art portfolio

Digital Arts: 2nd to 5th Grade

Digital Arts is an exciting deep dive into the Krita digital design software. These courses explore the array of artistic possibilities that technology offers. If you have a 2nd through 5th grader, check out these benefits:  

  • Explore the world of digital art and unleash creativity through technology
  • Learn Krita’s brushes, effects, and layers features
  • Develop essential skills in color theory, perspective, and contrast
  • Create stunning digital artwork and illustrations

Music Production: 5th to 8th Grade

Does your camper love music? Music Production is perfect for them! Your child will gain firsthand practice with artistic endeavors using sound and beats through our Music Production course. If you have a 5th through 8th grader, check out these benefits: 

  • Explore the realm of music history and the techniques of beat-making
  • Utilize powerful digital tools to create and edit tracks
  • Create and produce collaborative tracks

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Whether your child wants to paint a canvas or create captivating beats, these camps will provide them with valuable experiences and unforgettable moments. Are you ready to enroll your campers? 

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