How STEM Camps ‘Program’ Your Child for Success

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STEM camps make summer special for students by introducing science, technology, engineering and mathematics in fun and interesting ways. At KidzToPros’ (KTP) STEM camps near you, we encourage students to discover and follow their passions in STEM areas, learn as much as possible, and realize careers that incorporate their new-found skills. 

Read on to find out more about how we ‘program’ children for STEM success.

Teaching the Basics

Too many kids forget what they learn during the school year. This concept is known as learning loss, or the summer slide. KTP camps present STEM skills like programming or robotics to keep young brains remembering important concepts, instead of forgetting them. Our campers also practice these concepts repeatedly and apply them in hands-on lessons and real-life situations.

KidzToPros students experiment with basic roles to see how they fit. For example, a coding summer camp gets kids thinking about the skills coders use and how they make ideas come to life. The same can be said about engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, programmers and so on. Kids learn to solve problems, try different approaches, experiment with concepts like forces and motion, or build simple machines using creative thinking skills.

Expanding Thinking for a Tech-Driven Future

The earlier kids start developing skills they’ll need for the future, the more likely they are to retain and use those skills, starting with basic things like communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving. These vital skills for success become habits as children learn and grow.

We pair kids up with LEGOs, 3D video games and robots to teach them about building and programming. During these lessons and games, campers work together using creativity and cooperation to solve challenges, reflect on mistakes and regroup to improve outcomes. 

Exploring Different Career Paths

Kids learn about possible careers or occupations in many different ways. Perhaps they read about something that sounds interesting, or they see a documentary or movie that opens up a door for them. Summer camps also introduce new thoughts and ideas about future STEM careers. These occurrences light a spark inside and propel students to find out more. 

At KidzToPros, this happens all the time: a child shows an interest in STEM, a parent or caretaker signs them up for summer camp, and they take what ends up becoming the first step toward their future! 

At STEM camps near you, youngsters gather together with like-minded friends and discover the sheer joy of learning something new. With the help of subject-matter experts and instructors, they practice building structures like bridges and buildings – or program robots and code video games. 

Experiences like these, which they would never have found without summer camp, allow kids to learn new skills, put them into practice, and delve into future career possibilities they might never have known about or considered otherwise.

Opening Doors

In a STEM summer program with KidzToPros, campers find themselves challenged every day. They experience the thrill of stepping outside their comfort zone and taking risks by exploring new ideas. Our growth mindset takes hold and kiddos discover that making mistakes is part of the learning process. In fact, all kinds of errors and missteps help learners grow and increase their knowledge, which leads to some amazing innovations! 

When kids get comfortable learning unfamiliar topics, they welcome change. This proves vital in a future where technology constantly disrupts the status quo. 

Coding summer camp surrounds students with the unfamiliar and gives them the skills to adapt. Then, as they grow older and move through high school and beyond, they get excited by change and possess the confidence and know-how they need for a successful future. 

KidzToPros: ‘Programing’ Your Child for Success

Our KTP founders and leaders came from the tech world, so they understand the importance of introducing and reinforcing the fun of learning early on. We make sure our campers get a well-rounded program each summer, and we take great pride in equipping the next generation with the STEM skills they need to change the world.

Raising children today isn’t easy. Parents try to expose their kids to everything the world has to offer in the hopes they will find lifelong, meaningful work. But that kind of enrichment begins at home, with great parents like you, and branches out toward school, extracurricular activities, after-school programs and summer camps. 

We hope you’ll allow us to continue what you already started and partner with you to prepare your kids for a lifetime of achievement, well-being and prosperity!

Here’s just a small taste of the STEM camps we offer near you: 


Minecraft gets campers thinking about the future now. Using this technologically advanced platform, kids build STEM skills while practicing creativity and critical thinking. As they advance, Minecraft teaches them to trust themselves and become more familiar with systems-type thinking. The game nurtures empathy, digital citizenship, and the idea that learning through play is sustainable and lifelong. 

Sample Camps:


Makerspace camps get kids collaborating with others and communicating, both verbally and non-verbally. Campers also learn to have fun, be flexible and adapt to change. Minecraft rewards leadership skills too, so players eagerly exhibit this characteristic in order to advance. These sought-after skill sets help develop young people in ways that bode well for their future. 

Sample Camps:


In Robotics, kids learn STEM concepts in fun and exciting ways with hands-on activities and consistent practice. They conceive of, design and program their robots. KTP robotics camps also teach kids to think differently about everyday services by asking questions like, “How can we improve?” or “What can we do differently or more efficiently?” We empower kids to take on challenges and find ways to better everyone’s life. 

Sample Camp:

Scratch Coding

Scratch is an amazing programming language! Through online and/or in-person collaboration, at this camp kids program, bounce ideas off each other, and transform their creations into interactive stories or video games. They enjoy sharing what they learn, while observing the creations and innovations of others. 

Sample Camp:

KTP STEM Camps Near You

Activities like these at coding summer camp provide such a combination of learning and fun that children often don’t even realize they’re learning! All the while, they’re thinking outside the box, cooperating with others, and reasoning through problems and challenges. 

Explore the complete list of our summer camps and ready your child for success! New KTP camps start weekly, and each STEM program keeps kids learning and playing all summer long. We hope you’ll join us! 

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