KidzToPros’ Enrichment Programs: An Afterschool Guide

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Afterschool enrichment programs provide a lifeline for working families. They give kids a creative and safe place to continue learning, and parents much needed peace of mind, knowing they’ve done everything possible to support their children’s academic and social needs.

KidzToPros understands the issues modern families face, and we support parents working hard to provide for their families. We realize parents stay busy during working hours and don’t have time or money to run kids around after school. 

Let us help! We pick up where school leaves off with fun and engaging programs offered at local schools in area neighborhoods. Whether kiddos enjoy art, sports or STEM subjects – or all three! – we keep them inspired, learning and growing close to home – while parents take care of other things. 

An Afterschool Epidemic 

According to America After 3PM, 7.7 million children stay home alone and unsupervised after school. That’s the equivalent of one in five children ages 6 to 12. 

What happens to those kids? They’re left at risk of:

  • physical injury
  • falling behind in school
  • lacking social skills
  • not getting enough physical activity
  • lacking nutritious snacks

What are your kids doing after hours? Don’t make them part of that statistic! Read on to find out how you can get them involved in afterschool activities with KidzToPros, overcome the afterschool epidemic, and set up your learners for success this school year. They deserve it – and they’re counting on you.

Benefits of Afterschool Enrichment for Kids

At KidzToPros, we promote safety, reliability and opportunity. Our vision is to provide meaningful enrichment to 23 million elementary aged kids across the US that either do not have access to, or cannot afford, extended learning activities.

Students attending our enrichment programs reap multiple educational benefits. Let’s delve into those deeper here.

Staying Challenged, Inspired & Moving

Students who extend their learning beyond the normal school day continually challenge their brains. They work with peers, learn from friends and instructors, solve problems and engage in physical activity they likely wouldn’t participate in otherwise. 

Receiving a Solid, Educational Foundation

During the school day, learning time is often scripted. Teachers follow lesson plans and students learn according to state standards. Though this provides the beginnings of an educational foundation that will carry them through their school life, it often lacks an experiential, hands-on aspect that only afterschool programs adequately provide.

Producing Well-Rounded Students

Choosing what they want to study increases student engagement and participation. With a wide range of courses to choose from, KidzToPros produces students with a variety of experience in multiple areas. They may choose to focus on a particular area of interest or passion, or choose to learn something completely new. Either way, kids get exposed to a wealth of information and experience they might not otherwise have access to.

Leading to Lifelong Learning

Once they begin to master new skills, kids gain a thirst for knowledge they may never have experienced before. Success leads to self-confidence and self-confidence to a willingness to continue learning. As they push themselves further through practice, experimentation and reflection, youngsters cement new knowledge and it “sticks,” giving them the confidence to keep growing and learning. 

Benefits of Afterschool Enrichment for Parents

Working parents want the best for their kids. That’s what makes afterschool programs a perfect fit – kids don’t languish around the house alone, waiting for parents to return from work. Instead, they interact with others, have fun creating things or playing on teams, and learn so much more than could ever happen sitting at a desk during the day.

But afterschool programs also benefit parents by:

Eliminating the Afternoon Rush

Have you ever been right in the middle of something at work and had to drop everything, run to your car and rush to school to pick up your kids? If you’re like most parents, that probably sounds pretty familiar right about now. Enrolling your children in our afternoon courses gives you time to think, breathe and pick up your students at a more leisurely pace. Reducing work disruption is a much-desired side effect.

Keeping Tabs on Kids

Left to their own devices, you never know what your kiddos will actually do. Though told to stay at home with the door locked, curiosity may get the better of them – which could lead to all sorts of mischief. Signing up your kids for programs from KidzToPros means they’re safe, supervised and following your wishes for their afterschool agenda.

Giving Kiddos an Academic Edge

Though extending your child’s education benefits them, it also benefits you! There’s no more feeling guilty about not being home when your kids arrive in the afternoon…or not being able to help them solve that “new math” problem they’re struggling with. Our programs provide time and space for your children to ask questions, seek understanding and put knowledge into practice. The more they use it, the more they get it!

Keeping Youngsters Close to Home

Our afterschool programs in neighborhood schools keep kids safely learning near their homes. There’s no more need to run them across town to sports or art lessons, or even take them to a friend’s house for afternoon supervision. Our instructors come to kids and help them with homework, special projects or team sports. This saves parents valuable time and money.

Saving Parents Money

We know budgets are important to today’s families. That’s why we make KidzToPros’ afterschool programs accessible and affordable for all. Depending on the course chosen, supplies provided, and the class frequency and duration, parents pay anywhere from about $75 to $450 per session (fall, winter or spring). Weekly programs cost less than daily, so if you’re all about saving money, opt for those instead.

Kids Who Qualify for Afterschool Enrichment

We accept students from 4 to 18, or Transitional Kindergarten (TK) to 12th grade, in our afterschool activities. Students sign up for either fall, winter or spring sessions, and meet anywhere from six to 20 times during a session, depending on the topic.

Enrichment Program Schedules: What to Expect 

Most afterschool sports, STEM and arts programs meet one to two days a week for one to two hours each. This normally occurs anytime between the hours of 2PM and 4PM, depending on the school. 

AM Enrichment, which takes place before school, usually occurs three to five days per week for one to one-and-a-half hours in duration. Most schools host this course sometime between the hours of 7AM and 8:30AM, depending on their schedules. 

PM Enrichment takes place after school, usually between the hours of 3PM and 6PM. It normally meets three to five days per week and lasts between two and three hours. 

Enrichment Program Procedures: Stay In-the-Know!

When kids arrive at afterschool programs, a KidzToPros staff member checks them in on the KTP app. That triggers an email to parents so they know their child has arrived safely. From that time until an instructor or director checks them back out to a parent, guardian or another designated adult in the afternoon, we constantly monitor and supervise each student.

Students may bring an afternoon snack from home to help maintain their energy while learning. We encourage parents to pack healthy options that are easy to eat. 

Once the day ends, instructors walk children outside, where parents pick them up. At that point, instructors check each child out one by one and hand them off. This again triggers a parent email notification indicating that sign-out has been completed and hand-off has occurred.

If and when a staff member needs to reach a parent regarding that parent’s child, they do so by email, text or phone. Parents may feel free to respond in kind.

Enrichment Course Options

Though not an exhaustive list, as we’re constantly adding new courses, we’d now like to offer you a sampling of the afterschool programs KidzToPros currently offers. We encourage you to browse through them, connect with our website to find out more, identify those that might interest your children, and sign them up on our website soon. 

Classes fill up quickly, so don’t delay!


LEGO Robotics 1

Chess: Patterns and Strategies 

Web Design: Interactive Web Pages

Wonder Robotics: Obstacle Courses

LEGO Robotics 2

Minecraft Coding & Game Design: Adventure Maps

LEGO Masters 2: Structures and Creative Challenges

Chess: Introduction to Chess

Python Coding Bootcamp

LEGO Masters 1: Extreme Sports

Python Game Design 



Play It All Sports




Art Skills: Architecture, Anime, Cartooning

Hip-Hop: Freestyle Elements

Hip-Hop: Rhythm and Choreography

Creative Writing: Storytelling Adventures

Digital Arts 1: Fundamentals

Digital Arts 2: Art Techniques

Creative Arts: Crafting

AM Enrichment

PM Enrichment

Afterschool Enrichment Programs: Do It for Your Kids

We hope this afterschool guide helps you understand the importance of extending your children’s education. 

Now, help make this their best school year ever with afterschool programs from KidzToPros. Register now…we’ll leave the light on! 

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