Makerspace Camps: They’re All the Rage

Published by Hristina Mladenovska on

Today’s students need 21st-century skills to live and work in a tech-oriented future. And what better place to acquire those skills than Makerspaces? A relatively new form of exploratory learning, Makerspaces provide a place for kids to gather, learn, share, tinker and invent. These popular, collaborative learning environments are popping up in community libraries, museums and schools nationwide. Makerspace camps now offer innovative labs that make learning even more fun!  

What does your future innovator have in mind? Suppose they enjoy collaborating with friends, experimenting with technology, or making something out of nearly nothing. Or maybe they’re into designing, creating and building. In that case, they’ll love KidzToPros’ Makerspace programs, where we stimulate their brains and bring new ideas to life. 

What Is a Makerspace? 

A Makerspace is a unique environment in a dedicated space. Kids practice hands-on learning, open-ended exploration and collaborative experimentation. In short, it’s a place where youngsters use their imaginations to create new things using high-tech or no-tech materials. This can be from art and architecture to circuits and robotics. There’s a Makerspace for nearly every interest. 

Makerspaces often come equipped with tools and supplies kids need to design and build on their ideas. Although sometimes, depending on the subject matter, students and parents provide their materials. Then they work with others to create things or improve on others’ creations. Afterward, learners share with peers and instructors. In this way, they build critical thinking and problem-solving skills that benefit them throughout their lives.

Materials and tools used in Makerspaces might include traditional equipment found in shop classes or woodworking studios. Additional equipment, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, sewing machines and art supplies, may also be used. Regardless of the theme, Makerspaces give kids a place where they can do, rather than just research or read on a topic.

12 Fun Makerspace Activities

Every Makerspace camp is unique! Though projects lean toward particular themes, like the arts or STEM, they all focus on creation, exploration and self-discovery. Here, students take what they’ve read or heard about a step further. They create innovations that apply to the real world.

For example, campers may engage in some of the following within Makerspace programs: 

  • Coding
  • Painting
  • 3D Printing
  • Animation
  • Laser Cutting
  • Crafting
  • Electronics 
  • Robotics
  • Circuits and Electricity
  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Sewing
  • Woodworking

KidzToPros’ Makerspace Camps

At KidzToPros’ (KTP) camps, students gather together with peers to share tools, materials and knowledge. They work on projects both separately and together. Then they network and improve on each other’s ideas and innovations.

Our campers use technology every day, gobbling up content and information at record speeds. Indeed, a KidzToPros Makerspace camp is a lively area where kids take learning beyond the classroom. They create and innovate, and learn how ideas change the world. 

Some KTP Makerspace camps include: 

  • Makerspace Games & Toys: Young creatives use their imaginations to design games and toys. Kids create new designs or improve on old ones as they learn how to put things together and make them work. Fun projects include arcade-style games and catapults. 
  • Makerspace Vehicles & Structural Engineering: This popular camp gets kids designing and building creative projects like cars and bridges. It teaches them to have fun, learn and think outside the box – all at the same time. 
  • Makerspace Electronic Gadgets & Wearables: Young artists design electronic gadgets and wearable art with lights and sensors. As they learn how things work and are made, students use their growth mindsets to promote creativity and fun.

Moving Toward the Future

For this generation to succeed, students must spend time taking ideas to the next level. When they learn and tinker with thoughts about real concepts, they develop vital skills they’ll need for years to come. This includes communication, empathy and resilience.

Makerspace camps with KidzToPros prepare future leaders to adapt and grow through challenging times. Move your kids toward a successful future and enroll them today!