One Week Versus Two Week Summer Camps: Which is Best for Your Kids?

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When you consider summer day camps for your kids, you think about things like passions and interests, convenient locations and the best time for camps that fit your summer schedule. But just as important is how long your students should attend day camps near you. The most common lengths of time are one and two week camps, which provide kids an opportunity for fun and learning – but how can you know which one to choose? That’s why KidzToPros (KTP) hosts both: to accommodate different kinds of learners, fluctuating time schedules, family work agendas and other considerations. 

Summer camp gives kids a powerful developmental boost. At KTP camps, we do this by building programs that foster essential academic and social/emotional skills that benefit kids through high school, college and the professional world. At our one and two week camps, kids learn appropriate ways to communicate, show grit and determination, and exhibit accountability and leadership. 

So, one week or two weeks? Which one is right for your kids? 

Read on for more information that will help you make the right choice for your family.

Similarities and Differences 

Choosing the best length of time for your child to attend camp isn’t always easy. Some parents whose kids have never attended camp choose one week camps just to try the whole experience out. Since shorter camps require less commitment, it gives them time to see how their kids like camp and whether or not they might enjoy a longer stay.

The American Camp Association conducted a study that found a 2- or 3-week session provides similar benefits as a 4-, 5- or 7-week session. So for less time and money, children enjoy double or more of a great camp experience. Now that’s excellent news!  

What other ways are one week and two week camps alike and different? 

Some Similarities Include: 

  • Quality instructors and subject-matter experts
  • Grouping with peers of similar age and skill level
  • Fun learning environments, both inside and outside
  • A growth mindset that encourages risk-taking and reflective thinking

Some Differences Are: 

  • One week costs less than two weeks
  • Two week camps allow more time for settling in and hands-on learning 
  • Shorter camps provide more introduction and overview, while longer camps dive deeper 
  • Longer camps spend more time on discovery, friendship and growth
  • You get more for your money in two weeks than in one

The Magic of Escaping Comfort Zones at Summer Day Camps for Kids 

Children, like many adults, learn vital lessons when they get out of their comfort zones. Changes to normal routines trigger their brains to pay attention and learn more about what’s going on around them. Consider what this means for your child. A one week camp might be just the right amount of time for your student to absorb new and unfamiliar experiences and information. It might be more helpful for another child to enroll in a longer camp to realize those same benefits. 

When kids get out of their comfort zones, they learn new lessons, seek out positive role models that can help them adapt, and grow in character. They also learn skills like leadership and teamwork. A two week summer camp gives kids who need it more time to realize those benefits. 

Young people also bond and make friends quickly at summer day camps for kids. The more time goes by, the deeper some of these companionships become. At KidzToPros, we reinforce new relationships with shared activities, games, performances and experiences. As a result, every session all summer long, we see campers form long-lasting relationships with their peers.

Some KTP One and Two Week Camps

If you’re interested in trying out a summer day camp, consider some of these one or two week experiences for your children. They may be just what your kids need!

One Week Sample Camps:

Film Studio

Calling all aspiring filmmakers! Learn the basics of creating and telling a good story on film in KidzToPros’ short Film camp.

Java Game Design 1

Learn Java and basic programming by creating and modding fun and interactive games.

Play It All Sports

You don’t need to choose just one sport at summer camp — choose them all with Play It All Sports.


Serve, volley and slice your way to a tennis game you’ll LOVE! Work with experienced coaches for the match of a lifetime.

LEGO Robotics

Take LEGO fun to the next level as kids design and create their own programmable robots.


Kids learn to build, create and script in Roblox by designing an obstacle course and a scavenger hunt.

Two Week Sample Camps:

Unity Game Design: 2D and 3D Games 

It’s game design like never before! Kids use professional tools to build 2D and 3D games from scratch, opening up a world of interactive possibilities.

Playwright’s Guild + Film Studio

Turn theater plots into big screen splashes at this two-week camp for performance enthusiasts.

Music Production Camp + YouTube Channel

Turn up the volume and press record! Join us for two awesome, engaging weeks of digital music creation and YouTube production.

Python: Programming & Game Design

Learn how to use Python (not the snake!) to code and program real, playable games.

Web Design 1 – HTML+JS+CSS (Interactive Web Pages)

Entry-level designers learn code, structure and interactive web design in this valuable, foundational camp.

Digital Arts + Graphic Design

Kids learn essential digital art techniques and tools, along with multiple genres of publication design, through this fun, project-based combination class.

Find the Perfect Camp for Your Kids

For kids who enjoy new experiences, two week sessions seem a lot like a vacation (a bonus if you can’t get away from work!). They provide children more time to unwind, reflect, learn and make new friends, and they’re a great way to spend part of the summer. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow for two week camps – and you want to get the most benefits in the least amount of time – one week KidzToPros day camps near you will do the trick, instead. 

With all this in mind, our summer day camps for kids engage kids and provide parents with some great options during summer break. So get in touch, consider your options and sign up today! Either way, you’ll make this summer a great one.

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