The Best Summer Programs for Kids by Age

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Depending on your child’s age and development, you may think summer camp courses would prove either too difficult or too easy for them. But the best camps acknowledge students’ different emotional and intellectual needs, and group children with peers by age. Then they develop summer programs for kids that teach, train and meet kids’ needs at each level.

Children typically approach STEM, arts and sports camps differently, based on age. Elementary students, typically including kids 11 and under, require foundational support, emotional awareness, and basic skills from summer programs. When they get to middle school or the beginning of high school, at around 12-14, kids need a curriculum that builds on those foundations. This helps them to enhance a broader world- and self-view. 

KidzToPros (KTP) provides camps for all these ages. Our programs meet kids where they are. We teach them the basics and challenge them to delve deeper and move forward. Read on to find out more about the best summer programs for young people by age at KidzToPros.

Kids 4-11

At KidzToPros, we create camp experiences that interest and excite young kids. They’re also based on certain common developmental and intellectual milestones. We do this with flexibility, however, because we realize that every child is different.

KTP camps for this age group focus on: 

  • Enjoyable activities that keep children occupied
  • Foundation-building skills and information 
  • Encouraging independence 
  • Simple-to-intermediate movements and actions 
  • Learning how to handle balls, equipment, art tools and computer devices
  • Age-appropriate lessons 
  • Cooperating and sharing with others
  • Providing quality role models 
  • Healthy social development 
  • Demonstrating appropriate emotional awareness 
  • Stress-free games and tournaments
  • Learning group dynamics 
  • Providing social outlets 
  • Setting limits, guidelines and expectations
  • Positive reinforcement when campers cooperate and achieve goals 
  • Promoting physical activity
  • Encouraging self-discipline
  • Limiting screen time

Kids 12-14

Our middle school and early high school camps welcome tweens and teens from a variety of backgrounds. They also come with different experiences and learning levels. We build on common foundations. Our students also contribute their individual skill sets to peer groups. 

KTP camps for this age group focus on:  

  • Leadership skills 
  • Intermediate to advanced skills and information 
  • Support services 
  • Creating a caring community 
  • Common sense rules
  • Age appropriate lessons 
  • Accountability
  • Providing quality role models 
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication 
  • Healthy conflict resolution 
  • Enjoyable and challenging projects, games and experiences
  • Academic excellence 
  • Healthy social outlets 
  • Individualized attention
  • Positive reinforcement when campers achieve goals 
  • Promoting physical activity
  • Expecting age appropriate self-discipline
  • Limiting screen time

KidzToPros offers the best camps for kids 4-14 interested in STEM, sports and the arts. Some campers register as novices. Others as more experienced learners. More accomplished campers take on advanced roles. As a result, they learn deeper skills and help less experienced campers who need guidance. Also, novices often experience a boost in performance, and value mentors, who show them ways to improve. 

If you’re looking for some crowd-pleasing summer programs for kids, check out the courses below. We have two separate age groups: 4-11 and 12-14. These preferred programs come highly recommended by students and parents alike. And are just a sampling of all that KidzToPros has to offer by age.

MakerSpace: Vehicles & Structural Engineering 1 + Play It All Sports

Little ones design and build creative projects in the morning. Then they play a variety of sports in the afternoon. This combination camp introduces youngsters to the exciting worlds of engineering and sports. All while teaching them to have fun with all the possibilities. 

Wonder Robotics + Play It All Sports 

Another combination camp, this one introduces coding and robotics to elementary students. Then it gives them a healthy dose of physical activity playing and learning about several different sports.


If your child demonstrates a preference for individual sports, nurture it with this popular summer program, where players learn and improve their ability to serve, volley and slice. Experienced coaches support kids’ personal growth with exercises that emphasize mental and physical strength in this popular sport.

Art Skills 

Kids strengthen and deepen drawing skills in areas such as anime, architecture & cartooning each day in this camp for art lovers. Artists build on their abilities and create a stunning portfolio of artwork they treasure for years to come.

Python: Programming and Game Design

Future programmers and coders learn and advance in Python, the fastest-growing programming language in the world. Then they use what they’ve learned to create real games they can play with their friends.

Arduino: Circuits & Science

Older campers love using Arduino to control circuits through their own custom code. They also learn the science and background that allows computers to actually send and store information. The more kids learn, the easier it gets to understand how common household technology works! 

Improv Comedy: Scene Work 

Aspiring actors and storytellers learn and apply the basics of creating great stories within different sketches and scenes. This fun improv course equips your kids with skills and techniques to build a convincing environment for situational hilarity and improve public speaking skills – all at the same time. 

Why Age-Specific Camps? 

KidzToPros designates age-specific camps so kids learn alongside their peers. They meet campers from different cultures and backgrounds but similar academic and emotional levels. This helps kids learn to respect their differences, while communicating with children the same age and feeling a sense of community, as well. 

Our camps train kids in STEM, arts and sports with similarly-minded peers. Age-appropriate levels of communication, skill-building exercises and emotional/academic challenges in a fun environment ensure kids grow into strong, competent adults. 

Give your child the foundation they need this summer by enrolling them in your area’s best camps from KidzToPros. We’ll be waiting for them at the best summer programs for kids!