What Makes KidzToPros’ Summer Camps Top Rated?

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It’s official: KidzToPros (KTP) consistently offers top rated summer camps. But how do they do it? What makes these camps so special

Kids, parents and professionals know why our local summer camps hit a home run every year. With a variety of themes or subjects, maybe it’s because we bring out the best in future scientists, athletes and performers. Or maybe it’s because our schedules allow working parents to choose what fits their routine best. Finally, some point toward our commitment to excellence when hiring supportive coaches and instructors as the top reason they love our camps.

Guess what? It’s all three…and even more!

People choose KidzToPros’ summer camps for many reasons. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes our STEM, arts and sports camps so popular.

Preparing the Next Generation for Success

At KidzToPros, we’ve made it our mission to equip students for future success – in school, life and career.

If you want your kids exposed to valuable learning opportunities now, KTP allows you to choose between many one- and two-week camps – all summer long. Enrolling your children for a week or two encourages them to take risks and try new experiences that may just pay off in the future. 

Make one week about creativity in the arts, another week about improving their tennis or basketball skills, and still another about exploring coding and 3D modeling. We give kids the chance to try it all!

But what really, truly sets KidzToPros apart from other summer camp providers?

Community Partnerships

Local schools unite people who put kids first. Parents trust schools to provide educational opportunities in a positive, safe space. Administrators and teachers thoroughly vet each provider, ensuring they meet the highest standards. 

These are ways KidzToPros partners with over 450 schools across the country to offer high-quality learning opportunities for students, both in-person and online.

We also partner with local parks and recreation associations to bring educational camps to regional areas, because we believe every child should have access to STEM, arts and sports. These programs create opportunities for kids to get needed exercise every day and expose campers to arts programs they don’t get in their local schools. And finally, more kids who wouldn’t otherwise get exposed to STEM discover an interest in, and propensity for, science, technology, engineering and math at our summer camps that they would never have known existed!

Technological Support

Busy parents have a lot going on, especially in the summer. They juggle responsibilities with home, kids and work, all while trying to maintain their lives. That’s why keeping on top of their kids’ summer camp experiences needs to be simple and convenient. 

That’s also why KidzToPros created an intuitive technology platform that helps parents stay connected – all from the convenience of their mobile phone or laptop. Parents use the KTP app to register their kids for camp, watch their children get checked in and out, communicate with teachers and camp administrators, pay camp fees (We even have a payment plan!), check their students’ progress and provide feedback for instructors and coaches. 

Now that’s the kind of support working parents need!

Educational Options

KidzToPros provides camps for every child, no matter their interest. Depending on their learning style and location, kids choose in-person or online courses. Some camps last a week, others last two. Affordable options include Makerspace, LEGO Robotics, Minecraft, soccer, basketball, tennis, anime, comedy, storytelling and so much more! World-class curriculum ties in different themes so children grow into well-rounded adults.

Well-Equipped Kids

The next generation will use technology in every aspect of their lives. No matter what path our kids take – business, agriculture, sports, the arts or journalism – technology will guide and inform every step along the way. Getting kids comfortable with this type of change and growth is the best reason to enroll them in top rated summer camps with a STEM component.

Let’s help our children embrace learning so they’ll excel in middle and high school. Teenagers also need enrichment opportunities to discover their passions. Local summer camps make this learning fun and exciting. 

Parents know the importance of STEM skills for everyone, not just future engineers. Tech skills help prepare students for any industry and future profession. In fact, creators, innovators and inventors benefit from KTP camps because we turn traditional learning upside down by applying hands-on components to real-world knowledge.

Satisfied Parents

Perhaps the best indication of KidzToPros’ success, beyond engaged campers, is parent reaction to our summer camps. Let’s take a look at a sampling of the reviews KidzToPros has received from parents who involve their students in our summer camps.

Top Rated Summer Camps Near You

KidzToPros provides top rated summer camps for today’s families. But don’t just take our word for it! Discover KTP’s local summer camps, offering a variety of STEM, arts and sports programs, for yourself today. 

Find out why children, parents, schools and educators rave about our summer camps. Sign up today!

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