What Makes Summer Camps Fun at KidzToPros?

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Summer is all about fun – and camp plays a big part in that. Parents want their kids to keep learning, but often in a less structured, more enjoyable environment than during the regular school year. The good news? That’s also a great recipe for getting kids to learn! That’s why KidzToPros’ (KTP) fun summer camps are the perfect environment for kids

How Does Having Fun Improve Learning? 

When children have fun, it improves their mood. A good mood translates into fertile ground where kids accept and retain information much more easily. 

When a camper starts off the day feeling happy, they value certain rewards that come from fun, hands-on learning. This includes increased self-confidence, pride in their work, a sense of accomplishment, and the ability to share what they learn with others.

Having fun while learning relaxes kids. A team of Harvard researchers found evidence that learning how to relax and have fun helps reduce stress, which fuels creativity and cognitive ability. It also stimulates the release of dopamine, an increasing flood of motivation and satisfaction that rewards kids for learning.  

When KTP campers have fun, their attention spans increase. In our STEM, arts and sports camps, happy kids make connections and engage all their senses to reinforce learning. Kids tune in and see, smell, hear and touch, stimulating their minds and creating rich memories that last a long time. 

The ABCs of Fun at KidzToPros’ Summer Camps

Our fun summer camps keep kids engaged, playing and learning all summer long. Here’s how we do it. 

1. Friendships

At KTP camps, kids meet and socialize with peers outside their usual circles. They build relationships based on mutual interests, rather than the fact that they live in the same zip code. Fun STEM, arts and sports activities with peers help children grow and develop lasting friendships. That’s a big part of what makes camp so enjoyable. 

2. Laughter

Learning doesn’t have to be stressful – and kids can learn to laugh at their mistakes. Drawing, building a robot, or playing soccer can bring an element of fun to learning. Along with fun, often comes laughter. As children laugh, they get excited about learning, and their minds open to new thoughts, ideas and perspectives.

3. Play

Making a movie or programming a video game doesn’t seem like an academic exercise. It seems more like play, as does throwing basketballs through hoops or creating anime characters. Through play, kids learn a lot about problem-solving and critical thinking, as well as having fun. This, in turn, improves their intellect…but let’s not tell them that. It can be our little secret! 

4. Creativity

Building gadgets in Makerspace and writing a character’s backstory with friends spark creativity. Campers look forward to these activities, unlike memorizing facts or figures in a classroom. They also promote the idea that fun can be found in all kinds of learning. The more creative and original children are allowed to be, the more innovative and permanent their learning.

5. Memories

As kids enjoy themselves and build relationships with each other, they create memories. At fun summer camps near you, they see and experience things they might not be exposed to anywhere else. It’s these unique happenings that stick in their brains, cementing knowledge and relationships together in their minds. They remember meeting amazing new friends and sharing their lives with others for years to come. 

6. Shared Games

KidzToPros campers enjoy creating and playing games, whether athletic or academic. Games help kids build skills, become better performers, or understand new concepts. They also make learning fun, as students work together with peers to perfect skills, compete with others or reach an end goal.  

7. Experimentation

Campers have fun in STEM, arts and sports programs using what they learn to experiment with new ideas. For example, when kids start coding programs, they learn to apply the same problem-solving foundation that they use in other areas, such as engineering or science. Students of the arts experiment with different artistic mediums to perfect blending or shading techniques. Experimentation encourages children to consider the world around them and think about how they can improve it, a skill that carries them through high school, college and career. 

Firsthand Learning

Kids want to learn. They love having fun, socializing and engaging their senses, while absorbing new information. While just reading or listening to lectures provides far less stimulation, thrusting themselves in head first with all their senses at fun summer camps creates deeper brain connections, better long-term memory and learning through fun.

Adults feel the same way. Learning is just more pleasureable when we experience it firsthand.

When students feel pressure and stress, they get preoccupied with fight or flight responses. Though some excel in that type of environment, many others pool cognitive resources to deal with the stress – and end up blocking out learning. 

That’s why summer camp is so vital. It teachers campers there’s another way to learn that’s fun and immediate – no stress needed! 

Fun Summer Camps Near You

Kids learn more when they’re having fun. That’s why KTP’s fun summer camps work so well.

Check out our wide array of art, STEM and sports camps, and enroll your kids today. Enjoyment is waiting at fun summer camps near you!

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