Why You Should Consider an Advanced Camp for Kids

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As parents, we want the best for our kids. That means teaching them essential life skills and challenging them to take on new passions and interests. An advanced camp for kids provides an avenue for parents to nuture children’s minds as they learn. It also gives students the tools they need to dive deeper, regardless the topic. That’s why KidzToPros (KTP) offers fun, advanced summer programs near you in many subject areas, including the arts, sports and STEM fields, such as programming and robotics.

Yes, after a busy school year, kids need downtime in the summer. They’ve worked hard for nine long months and deserve to rest and relax. However, a two-week summer camp for kids allows youngsters to have fun, while learning something new and then extending that knowledge even further. 

Immerse your children in educational, athletic or artistic courses for a couple of weeks in the summertime to help them find areas of interest or passion without the limitations of school. If they do spark an interest, you’ve helped your children find something they’re passionate about. If they find they’re not really interested in a particular area, at least they’ve been exposed to something beneficial, no matter what road they take in the future. It’s a win/win because all KTP camps set kids up for lifelong success! 

Why Send Your Kid to an Advanced Summer Camp? 

No parent wants to push their kids too hard. However, at the same time, encouraging children to give new experiences a try is one of the best gifts you can give them. In the end, you know your babies better than anyone, and you know how much they can handle. 

During the introductory phase of summer programs near you, perform an assessment to help determine if your kiddos should attend week two. Ask yourself questions like: 

  • How is my child handling the new information or skills they’re learning? 
  • Are they having fun? 
  • Do they enjoy talking about what they’re learning? 
  • Are they asking for more? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, that’s a solid indication that week two would prove a positive experience, as well. 

So what happens during advanced camps that makes them so vital?

KidzToPros creates advanced (or part 2) camps that pick up where intro (or part 1) camps leave off. Keep reading for some benefits of sticking with the program through a higher level.

Learn More In-Depth Skills

Some topics contain too much information to cover in an introductory program. Trying to cram too much information into a short time would overwhelm some campers and might make them want to quit. Instead, stretching out in-depth information over a longer period of time allows children to learn more slowly and gives them time to experiment, ask questions and reflect on outcomes. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

The best part of diving deeper into a topic is hands-on learning. At this point, kids take what they’ve been taught, apply it in real-life situations, and create or perfect projects and performance through repeated practice. As they do so, they retain more information, are provided the opportunity to see how things work for themselves, and collaborate with others to gain multiple perspectives. 

Develop Deeper Friendships

Kids get to know each other during introductory camps. Shy or introverted children may take longer than others to feel comfortable in a new environment. Giving them another chance at camp gives little ones an opening to let their guard down and get to know their peers better. Regardless of a child’s personality, this results in deeper friendships and a lifetime of memories campers treasure!

Some Advanced Camps at KidzToPros 

MakerSpace: Games & Toys 2 

Young artists kick things up a notch by designing and creating more advanced projects in Makerspace: Games & Toys 2. At this camp, Kids with a passion for STEM enjoy learning how things work and are made, then using that knowledge to create truly innovative games and toys that just might surprise you!  

MakerSpace: Vehicles & Structural Engineering 2

Students advance their knowledge working with peers in Makerspace to design and create more progressive cars, bridges and other structural supports. In this camp, little engineers build, test and redesign their creation,s while extending their learning of materials, tools and building techniques.

MakerSpace: Electronic Gadgets and Wearables 2 

Budding designers wax creative in this innovative course where imagination knows no limits! A continuation of Makerspace: Electronic Gadgets and Wearables 1, this course encourages students to take their ideas even farther than they ever thought possible. Children use their growth mindsets to create detailed, creative and fun projects they can be proud of!

Python Level 2: Game Design

Once your child knows the basics of Python, they’re ready for the fun stuff! Armed with what they’ve already learned, they now go deeper with data structures, recursion, class inheritance and game logic. Using graphic packs, kids create real animated games limited only by their creativity and imagination. You’ll love seeing them create a game similar to some of their favorites – or come up with something completely new.

Advanced Camps for Kids: Giving Students Options

Introductory camps introduce kids to basic skills in a particular area. Advanced camps expand their knowledge to give them more options. The more challenging the topic, the more kids learn and grow!

Our advanced summer programs near you provide an atmosphere where kids immerse themselves in fun and interesting ways. Check them out – before summer slips away! 

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