10 Reasons Parents & Kids Love KidzToPros’ Sports Camps

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When it’s hot outside and summer boredom strikes, kids tend to stay indoors glued to their screens all day. But that’s not really healthy. Children need fun, physical activity and fresh air to stay in tip-top shape over summer vacation. 

But if you can convince your kids to step away from the AC and socialize outdoors, you know they’ll have lots of fun – and laziness will fall by the wayside! 

KidzToPros offers summer sports camps that satisfy both parents and their kids. Why argue over your child’s mental and physical inactivity when you can engage them in delightful exertion that satisfies you both?

Summer sports camps present the best of both worlds. Kids love them because they’re fun; parents love them because they promote socialization, health and well-being.

But there’s even more to it than that! Let’s take a look at some of the most popular benefits of KTP summer sports camps

Exercise Benefits the Body

Pediatricians recommend that children get moving at least 60 minutes every day. Physical activity doesn’t just benefit kids now; it also helps prevent diseases down the road. Daily exercise encourages kids to build healthy habits early on, when they view exercise as a natural part of their regular routine. 

Movement Improves Sports Skills

If your child is eager to play a particular sport, encourage them to take that on! A KTP summer sports camp helps them excel as players through specialized movement and newfound skills. For example, in soccer camp, players work on fundamentals such as handling, footwork and passing/shooting. They also practice what they’ve learned in scrimmages, games and tournaments. Continual movement translates into continual physical improvement at active summer sports camps.

Physical Activity Builds Confidence

Instructors and parents love watching kids thrive at our active summer sports camps. Children become more confident in themselves and their abilities as they train and practice. The more time and effort they put in, the more they get out of it. What a powerful life lesson! 

Playing Sports Develops Better Communication Skills

In sports, teams come together, bond and fight til the end – win or lose. Players learn to communicate through face-to-face communication, the spoken word, and nonverbal cues like facial expressions and body language. This teaches kids essential qualities of communication, like how to listen for underlying meanings and how expressions might convey the way someone is feeling. These advanced communication skills definitely hold benefit for humans throughout adulthood.

Staying Active Improves Academic Performance

Routine aerobic exercise increases a child’s ability to control thinking, memory and learning. According to several different studies, playing sports requires kids to learn new skills so they memorize movement patterns. Doing this stimulates new connections to grow between brain cells. This helps students focus in the classroom and retain what they’ve learned for longer periods of time. 

Becoming a Student Athlete Encourages Teamwork

Not every student athlete will become a professional athlete. However, everyone needs to work cooperatively with others toward a common goal when playing active sports. Holding oneself accountable to others is important throughout school and for most careers, so learning teamwork early on helps students turn into more successful adults.

Coaches Model Empathy and Healthy Competition

Coaches set the tone at our summer sports camps. They lead by modeling positivity and empathy for campers and by promoting healthy competition that sets every player up for success. They also boost morale through encouragement, teaching students to work together as a team and support one another when times get tough. 

Working out on the Field or Court Improves Coordination

Good coordination relates to a young athlete’s hand-eye or foot-eye coordination. Good coordination also prevents injuries. So while cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility all play a part, KTP coaches also focus on improving how campers coordinate movement. The better their coordination, the more likely they are to move freely and flourish.

Staying Physically Active Releases Stress 

Exercise reduces the levels of stress hormones in the brain, primarily cortisol and adrenaline. Studies have shown that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day can make people feel calmer, leading to more relaxed, stress-free lives.

Playing Sports Helps Encourage Healthy Eating Habits

When children want to run faster or jump higher, parents often use that opportunity to talk to their kids about the relationship between nutrition and physical activity. Kids who make good food choices have more energy and perform better at their favorite sports. Young athletes also sleep better and drink more water, which optimizes their health and increases alertness.

Enroll Your Kids in Our Summer Sports Camp Today!

KidzToPros believes that both parents and their children can get what they want out of an active summer sports camp. When kids have fun and stay active, parents know they’re still working their brains and bodies to set a strong foundation. Everyone wins!

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