11 Benefits of the Best Summer Camps 

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Every year when summertime rolls around, parents start stressing over what they’ll do with their kids all summer. Questions invade their thoughts, like: “Should I hire a babysitter? How can I keep the kids safe when they’re home alone? How can I keep their brains engaged and their bodies active all summer? It’s just too much!” Summer camps provide an excellent solution to these dilemmas! The best summer camps meet not only parents’ educational requirements; they also take students’ individual personalities and interests into consideration.

After all, these 2-3 months mean students get some precious time to explore subjects and activities they don’t normally have time for during the school year.

Are your children ready to get outside the classroom and reconnect with nature? Perhaps you want them to recharge their inner batteries and feel better about themselves? 

The best summer camps for kids provide them with unique challenges, enjoyable learning and an enriching break from routine. This supplements and enhances their learning. It also sets them up for an enjoyable summer and a successful school year to come.

KidzToPros’ summer camps make the most of students’ summer by improving three particular areas of their lives. Read on to discover what they are and the eleven benefits of sending your kids to summer camp. 

1. Gaining Independence

When the pressures of school disappear for a few months, kids have time to learn more about themselves than ever before. What do they like? How do they enjoy spending their time? What would they like to learn that they can’t cover in school?

At summer camp, kids learn to solve problems and overcome challenges without their parents. With the aid of supportive instructors who encourage them to take on added responsibilities and manage their own schedule, time and progress, children begin gaining some independence that helps them make their own decisions and learn from them. 

As peers at camp try new things, this also encourages kids to do the same. 

Summer camp teaches students to take manageable risks and explore new thoughts and ideas. As they do so, children begin to trust themselves, take care of themselves, and enjoy the privileges responsibility brings. 

2. Building Self-Confidence

Children need self-confidence in order to grow into happy, successful adults. Summer camp supplies a safe and supportive environment where kids try new things and feel a measure of success. 

When they don’t succeed, kids continue trying until they do. This builds their self-confidence and makes them willing to explore new areas they’ve never before considered.

3. Relaxing and De-Stressing

Kids these days feel more pressure and anxiety than ever before. It’s no wonder! In school and sports throughout the year, they compete around the clock. Though standardized tests and tournaments come with an upside, students need periods of time where they let everything go and just enjoy life.

The best summer camps for kids afford an oasis for stressed-out youngsters. They have fun, learn, and take a break from traditional school that helps them shed the stress and relax amongst their peers. This downtime at KidzToPros’ summer camp recharges them and returns them to school with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

4. Getting ‘Unplugged’ 

Summer camp presents the perfect opportunity for kids to unplug and spend time away from electronics. Reconnecting with peers – face to face – and building meaningful relationships helps kids learn to relate and listen well to others. This allows them to practice the valuable art of communicating so they acquire the skills to work together with different kinds of people.

Children who take a meaningful break from technology feel less anxious, eat better and exercise more, which helps them sleep better at night. As they develop these healthy habits in the summer, they more easily transfer them into the school year, where they benefit kids every day in school. 

5. Becoming Resilient

Summer camps share many characteristics with good schools, families and other support systems. They protect children against difficulty and disappointment by presenting them with manageable challenges. Then they provide just the right amount of support needed to cope, learn from and overcome those challenges. This leads to resilient young people who grow into self-assured adults. 

Resilient children effectively navigate their way through the world. Summer camp experiences give kids opportunities to feel in control of their lives, start new relationships, feel a sense of belonging and exert themselves physically. With these powerful life lessons, children better cope with everyday stress. 

6. Making Smart Decisions

Kids need plenty of chances to show they’re learning important values. You spend a lot of time teaching them right from wrong at home, don’t you? The best summer camps for kids let them use that moral compass to exercise smart decision making safely. 

Campers thrive when faced with age-appropriate options in an environment where they feel independent, away from school and home. This climate enables them to spread their wings, under the supervision and encouragement of caring adults. 

7. Connecting with the Outdoors

The best summer camps for kids get young people outside using their minds, bodies and senses. 

Finding outdoor time is not always easy during a busy school year with sports, tutoring and other enrichment activities. That’s part of the beauty of summer: It allows kids to slow down and get outdoors for recreation, enjoyment and necessary play time. 

Through daily sports and exercise, children remember that getting active actually feels good! 

8. Getting Back to Nature

Not only will campers get needed physical activity at summer camp, they’ll also enjoy nature. 

When kids breathe in fresh air and absorb needed Vitamin D from the sun, they lead healthier lives. Getting outside also exposes them to local plant life, trees, birds and other animals. Connection to nature ignites creativity, the powers of observation and problem-solving skills. 

9. Perfecting the Art of Friendship

Kids need other kids. Childhood friendships provide the building blocks for lifelong relationships, with opportunities to cooperate, listen and empathize with others. That’s how we learn about the world and, in turn, ourselves. 

At KidzToPros’ summer camps, children spend quality time with their peers. They laugh; learn about music, sports and movies; and discover books and art – all by meeting and making friends with kids their own age. 

10. Growing Self-Esteem

When kids learn the basics of programming robots, playing soccer or learning to draw, they overcome challenges. 

Mistakes or momentary setbacks aren’t anything to be afraid of; rather they’re essential for growth and progress. This encourages kids to keep trying and learning. They see themselves as capable, and that increases their feelings of self-worth. Camp abounds in these learning opportunities! 

11. Living Healthy Lives

Let this summer be the time for a renewed focus on healthy living. Get your kids outside, encourage them to eat healthy foods and send them to summer camp for self-care and good mental health. By focusing on mind, body and spirit, children feel good, inside and out. 

A little healthy competition amongst friends won’t hurt them either.  

Find a Summer Camp Near You!

Anticipate this summer positively with these benefits and more at KidzToPros’ summer camps. Reach out and talk to the experts. They’re waiting to help you find the best summer camps for your kids.

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