4 Skills Your Kids Can Learn from Studying Robotics

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We live in an age where learning is driven by interest and engagement. For your kids to learn life-long skills that they will find useful, those skills must be taught in interesting and engaging ways. There are a few core subjects in schools that facilitate this, but kids may have trouble connecting in certain subject areas. That is where the field of robotics can become very useful as an educational tool. Kids are almost always interested in robotics, and it has become far more accessible thanks to improvements in learning tools and robotics being embraced by the learning community. Your kids could learn skills that will have long-lasting value. 


Robotics is an area of study that is widely unexplored. That is because it is still relatively new. Despite this, there are plenty of resources for kids to work with. As a result, kids are in the unique position of being the first generation that can learn robotics from an early age. Like any other major change in technology, robotics opens the door to a world of creative options. 

Robotics gives kids a chance to be as creative as they can be with fewer limitations on what they can build and design. Whether it is through enhancements to existing robot designs or coming up with something entirely new, robotics in the hands of kids means that they can use their imagination and creative skills to build and program robots.


As freeing and creative as robotics can be for kids, it also requires some study and work. Many people who study robotics want to jump in and begin making everything that they can imagine, but it takes time to learn what’s possible and develop needed skill. Learning robotics and trying to build new things is an exercise in patience, not a trait typically associated with younger kids but it can be developed. If you have a child that is struggling with patience, then studying robotics can be a good way to address it.

There are two factors that make robotics a good practice in developing patience. The end result of being patient and working toward a goal is often exactly what the child wants. Having an exciting final outcome means that the kids that are patient and stick to the process will get to see a result that is worth the effort, which is a critical part of understanding the importance of patience. 

The other factor is the fact that although it takes time to develop skills in robotics, the process can be just as enjoyable as the end result. Much of the process of learning to make things is fun and engaging, especially because your child will continue to build and design things throughout. That way, there is never a lot of down time where your child will be bored and disinterested. 


One of the key skills that is integral to being successful in robotics and that kids will learn by studying robotics is problem-solving. In many cases, people who study robotics are trying to solve specific problems that require a new and untried solution. It often requires taking several other solutions and trying to combine them into a single solution. This requires the ability to find connections between possible solutions and turn them into something new that addresses the problem. 

Throughout the process of learning and practicing robotics, your kids will be presented with a series of potential problems. Each problem presents a new and unique challenge that they can solve, which means that there will be a lot of chances to practice solving problems. Take advantage of this to teach problem-solving skills so that your child can address problems head-on without needing a lot of help.  


Another skill that your children can learn is teambuilding. In most cases, robotics development projects are completed in teams, especially when working on larger projects. Your kids will practice working as a part of a group and find ways to contribute to the overall project. If you are looking for an effective way to help your child develop teamwork and social skills, robotics camps can be a good way to cover both areas. 

KidzToPros offers robotics camps that are designed to help your kids discover robotics, as well as all of the related skills. In the LEGO robotics camp, campers work together to build robots using LEGO. The Wonder robotics camp is designed for younger kids and uses the Wonder Workshop robot to teach programming. Sign them up for the camps to give them the chance to work with their peers and explore robotics together in a fun, collaborative, and engaging program. 


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