5 Benefits of STEM Summer Camps

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So many aspects of our world are changing to accommodate technology. We have self-driving cars, artificial intelligence generated art, and algorithms that can even figure out what we want to eat that day. Shouldn’t our children’s summer camps be adaptive, as well? Summer camp courses like LEGO Robotics, coding, and circuitry are valuable in an increasingly technology-dependent world. 

Kids at Stem KidzToPors Camp

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. This includes typical classes like Biology and Algebra, but also opens up opportunities to explore robotics, coding, and circuitry. Adults with STEM-oriented degrees go on to build rocket ships, explore the final frontier of space, traverse the depths of the ocean, and so much more. 

what are benefits of stem summer camp

STEM-centered curriculum builds crucial lifelong skills when introduced at a young age. Children are learning a lot between the ages of 4-11. They’re building an awareness of who they are, what they can do, understanding their autonomy, following curiosity, and STEM encourages all of that. 

  1. Building Confidence

I don’t know about you, but STEM classes were not my forte in school. Had I experienced STEM-driven courses at a young age, I would have been more confident in my ability to tackle STEM-centered curriculum. With classes like Minecraft Coding or LEGO Robotics, children gain an understanding of complicated concepts. This demystifies the science behind their favorite toys and video games, which encourages a belief in the possibility of following STEM career fields. 

  1. Embracing Curiosity

Children are naturally curious. Who hasn’t fallen into the trap of the class “Why?” game? STEM fields are the natural conclusion of the “Why?” game. Why does this work? Why does this happen? We don’t want our children to be satisfied with a “just because” answer. STEM camps encourage a “let’s find out!” attitude. Fostering curiosity will encourage children to seek truth, deepen understanding, accept mistakes, and grow into a more fulfilled and resilient person.  

  1. Developing Problem-Solving 

Curiosity often leads to action, and this is where encouraging STEM leads to fostering creativity which leads to developing problem solving skills. If we allow the “Why?” game to continue to its logical conclusion, our children will want to get their hands dirty and answer their own questions. Whether it’s a science experiment or a research project, STEM empowers children to figure things out for themselves. When mistakes inevitably happen, or results aren’t what were expected, STEM-centered learning helps children develop good coping skills and resilience that allows them to try and try again. 

  1. Encourage Resiliency

Thomas Edison famously failed to make the lightbulb two-thousand times. We can encourage that same dedication in our children! When we allow our children to thrive in STEM environments, they will learn the integral part of experimentation: failing. Failure is disheartening, sometimes even heartbreaking, and it can be hard for kids to cope with it. Luckily, failure is baked into the concept of STEM. This shows our children that even though it might hurt, failure is not something to be ashamed of. Failure just means to try again. 

  1. Inspire Creativity

We often think of creativity as artistic endeavors. Artists are creative, scientists are logical. The thing is, that’s a fallacy. Creativity is necessary whether you’re painting a landscape or designing a code. Children are little creativity machines! Their imagination is their driving force, and if that’s encouraged, they will soar to new heights! It’s important to teach our children that their imagination and creativity are valuable, important, and should be treasured. With courses like circuit-programing, LEGO robotics, coding, and Makerspace engineering, kids can see avenues for their imagination everywhere!

So What?

This is where KidzToPros comes in! We have so many tech-focus courses that allow your child to explore their passions, follow their interests, experiment with their hands, and develop crucial problem-solving skills.

KidzToPros’ STEM Summer Camps

KidzToPros is packed with so many exciting classes to ignite a passion for STEM in your child. Here’s a little more information about what we can offer you!

KidzToPros’ STEM Summer Camps

Coding Game Design & LEGO Robotics:

Scratch Coding and Robotics camps provide young students with the foundational knowledge to create countless projects. These camps are perfect for 2nd – 5th grade students who love game design, animation, and robotics. Both camps allow students to learn about the engineering process by teaching them the importance of design, troubleshooting, and improvement.

Minecraft Game Design

Level up your Minecraft skills this summer by participating in one of KidzToPros Minecraft Game Design camps! These camps are designed to ignite the curiosity of young gamers by teaching them the process of game design. Students learn how to design game maps with intention and how to create unique story lines within their games. These camps are suitable for students in 2nd-5th grade and are appropriate for all skill levels! We offer three different courses in Minecraft Game Design. 

  • Adventure Maps
  • Ancient Structures & History
  • Theater Script and Performance

Roblox Game Design: Obstacle Course

Tired of just playing the same old games while game developers have all the fun? Here at KidzToPros, we learn to make our own Roblox maps that can be played by gamers all over the world! In the Roblox Game Design: Obstacle Course camp, students will learn the fundamentals of building and scripting in Roblox Studio by designing their own obstacle courses. Create platformers, search and destroy maps, and beautiful 3D worlds without any prerequisite knowledge, just the desire to learn and have fun. By the end of the camp, students will be proficient in basic 3D building, creating and sharing games, and as a bonus students will also gain introductory knowledge in coding with the Lua Scripting Language.


Makerspace camps at KidzToPros allow children to express their artistic side while building fun projects. Students will practice the engineering design process by building various miniature projects using mixed materials. Makerspace combines crafting with engineering principles to replicate engineering wonders. In these camps, students will be given design challenges with multiple solutions depending on their creative approach to real life problems. Students will learn the importance of prototyping and continuous testing, learning that failure is a part of the engineering process. These camps are designed for students in 2nd through 5th grade, with carefully selected projects that will challenge their problem solving skills. With over 6 class options, there is a MakerSpace camp suitable for everyone! Our Makerspace courses also can be bundled with Play-It-All Sports camps for a holistic camp experience!

  • MakerSpace: Games and Toys 1 & 2
  • MakerSpace: Vehicles and Structural Engineering 1 & 2
  • MakerSpace: Electronic Gadgets and Wearables 1 & 2

KidzToPros Wonder Robotics

What do WALL-E, Baymax, and C3PO have in common? They’re all friendly neighborhood robots! And so is the Dash Wonder robot, the adorable robot we use in our very own intro to robotics camp. Using “Dash” the dynamic STEM robot, students will be formed into teams of up to 3 individuals, and learn how to program their way through a series of increasingly complex missions. These fun challenges will encourage creative thinking, problem-solving and teamwork. Students can make new friends with their teammates and literally “make” a new friend who is a robot!

Whatever your child might be passionate about, we have something for them at our KidzToPros Summer Camps! We don’t just offer amazing STEM courses, however. We have a ton of exciting Arts and Sports camps, too. You can even bundle your camp experience! Have fun with Makerspace courses and Play-It-All Sports camps! We’ll go into more detail about those fun camps in another post. 


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