7 After-School Programs for Elementary-Aged Kids

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There are so many fun ways for elementary-aged kids to spend their time after school each day. Why not choose activities that will teach them vital skills to prepare them for a successful future? They can do this while having fun in a safe environment. In fact, KidzToPros has been doing this for years, probably at a school near you. Set a foundation early for your children to view education as exciting.

Here are some popular after-school programs for your elementary-aged kids.

1. Creative Arts

Budding artists love this class and the opportunity to express themselves through painting, drawing, sculpting, and crafting.

Even at a young age, students learn from each other. They also enjoy the artistic freedom to explore various materials and techniques on their own. This leads to higher levels of emotional intelligence as they get to know themselves in new ways. Students practice a variety of mediums and by the end of the course, they’ll be well-versed in expressing their own unique feelings and world views.

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2. Play It All Sports

Giving young athletes exposure to different sports allows them to find the one that fits. This particular program combines soccer, basketball, tennis and more. 

They learn important values like teamwork, problem-solving, and good sportsmanship. Students also improve fundamental skills for each sport. Guided by passionate, highly trained coaches, elementary-aged kids play to win and stay active. When playing sports, kids also develop gross motor skills such as balance and coordination.

Exercise makes homework time more productive and winding down easier when it’s time for bed.

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3. Chess

Interest in chess has exploded recently and this program is no different. Players sign up to learn the fundamentals of this classic board game. Instructors also teach an understanding of different movements and values. This allows students to strategize on good versus bad trades.

Students also learn the significance and purpose of each chess piece. No two games are alike, so players implement different winning strategies every time. They play games together, building confidence and good sportsmanship.

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4. Coding Game Design 

Aspiring game developers get a head start with this popular after-school program.

Most elementary-aged kids are into video games. They’re popular for a reason. So parents tell us they want to encourage them to start creating their own. This allows young people to learn about the gaming world from the inside.

A quality after-school program, focused on coding and fun, they can do just that. And with other kids and a supportive instructor, too. In this particular program, kids first learn Scratch coding projects. Then they advance to build various games. Instructors provide students with a template for the games. The challenge is to use creativity and add their own personal touch.

This is how students grow in ability. Pretty soon they are manipulating, coordinating, and animating different characters and objects.

Eventually, students leave with original games they created.

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5. Hip-Hop

This popular class combines physical activity with music and dance instruction. An energetic instructor introduces students to new dance moves and helps them practice keeping rhythm. This helps young performers feel more confident on the dance floor.

Being able to dance helps them not only with school vents through the years. It can also lead to a lifetime of having fun with life cycle events and parties well into adulthood. Hip-Hop dance is also a great way for elementary-aged kids to bond with one another and have fun at the same time.

Students learn a new part of the routine each session. By the end of the course, parents get their phones ready to record as students put on a performance to showcase talent and hard work.

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6. LEGO Robotics

Encourage your children’s interest in STEM subjects without stress or added pressure. LEGOs are toys, after all, so kids can get introduced to robotics technology and have fun doing it.

They’re also introduced to the latest technology.

Our world is becoming more comfortable with artificial intelligence. Let’s help our elementary-aged kids get comfortable with it, too. They will be the generation taking hold of it soon. Therefore, this class is the perfect introduction.

At the same time, LEGO Robotics encourages critical thinking. Students develop advanced problem-solving skills. Here’s how: students read and follow instructions. Then they develop theories about how to address certain problems. After the development phase, kids work with other kids to program the robots.

Guided by a qualified instructor, students teach and direct each other. This opportunity to practice leadership skills encourages them to better communicate with each other. As a result, kids navigate group dynamics successfully and take that knowledge into other areas.

Of course, building robots is challenging. But that doesn’t mean it has to be stressful. When kids work hard at creating something unique, their self-esteem goes up. Happy, productive elementary-aged kids begin to see how toys can be both fun and educational.

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7. Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and for good reason. It’s exciting, dramatic and works the whole body. KidzToPros offers an excellent program after school, teaching the fundamentals.

This includes passing, receiving, dribbling, goal keeping, and defending. Burning off energy, practice gives a great workout and makes it easier for kids to focus on homework afterwards.

They’ll also sleep better!

In addition to mastering technique, young players improve nonverbal communication and cooperation with others. They do this by playing in teams and learning to work together.

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Just because the school day has ended, doesn’t mean learning has to end as well. Let your kids’ education continue, along with fun and enrichment.

The most engaging and in-demand STEM, arts and sports after-school programs are closer than you think. Join us!

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