Best Part-Time Jobs for Teenagers

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Around the age of sixteen, many teenagers start thinking about part-time jobs. They’d like to earn their own money. So they start looking for work. This is typically part-time work with flexible hours. These jobs don’t interfere with school or extra-curricular activities. Teenagers just want spending money to buy their own clothes or any extras that come up. They also use this money to pay for dates, movies, gas, or cars. Many employers are willing to hire mature and responsible teens. Other opportunities allow young adults to work for themselves. Here are some of the best part-time jobs, in both categories, for teenagers to earn extra money.

Open a small business


For proper training, teens can check with local libraries or hospitals. Many offer free classes in babysitting basics, first aid and CPR. Teenagers can take these courses and then make fliers to advertise and distribute in their neighborhood. They can be hung from door knobs, placed under windshield wipers or tacked onto bulletin boards in those same libraries or hospitals. Babysitters can also advertise their services on social media pages.

Pet sitter and dog walker

When pet owners take a vacation, they need someone responsible to care for their pets. This may include daily visits to refill food and water bowls, change kitty litter, or take dogs out for a bathroom break. Dog walking is also in demand. Many dogs should be out walking every day and kennels are expensive. It’s important to get to know the animals before caring for them. Also check with the owners before they leave to see if they need plants watered, mail picked up or lights turned off/on.

Yard worker

This is a year-round need in most climates, not just those with predominantly warm weather. Mowing a lawn during spring or summer, raking leaves in the fall and protecting plants or shrubs from frost in the winter – all of this is helpful for busy homeowners. Develop a reputation for being reliable and research prices in the area to stay competitive.

Car washer

A mobile car washer can buy discounted supplies online or at a local retailer. These can be placed in the trunk and taken wherever the customer lives. All they provide is a water hose and plenty of room in the driveway. Advertise locally at gas stations, self-clean car washes and social media pages.


Help elderly or disabled people get to wherever they need to go. This can even be a temporary service for people recovering from surgery who can’t drive themselves. Running errands includes picking up prescriptions, grocery shopping, or transporting people to doctor’s appointments.

House cleaner

At the right price, almost anyone could use this service. For example, older neighbors, new moms, busy parents and people going out of town might need help cleaning their homes. Typically each household provides the supplies.

Flexible hours

Food server

Earning tips has the added benefit of allowing teens to work fewer hours for more money. Sometimes part-time jobs working only a Friday or Saturday night can yield a higher income than working several days during the week.

Restaurant host or hostess

This is steady work that teens can do without relying on tips from customers. It’s also a reliable starter job in the restaurant industry.


Making and serving coffee in a local shop or national chain can be a lot of fun. National chains often have programs where they offer college scholarships to some of their part time workers.

Online worker

Earn some extra money without ever leaving the house. Teens can find high-paying work as a coder, programmer or copy writer. Many customer service jobs also allow students to work remotely. This saves money on gas, tolls and uniforms.

Fast food server

A common starter among part-time jobs, these positions often don’t require experience or training.

Retail worker

Many teenagers find a job where they also like to shop and enjoy employee discounts.

Grocery store worker

Teens can find reliable jobs as a stocker, cashier or bagger.

Newspaper delivery person

Most communities have local weekly newspapers. Many are home delivered early in the morning, before school starts, or late in the afternoon after school is out.

Seasonal work

Concession stand worker

Many stadiums or arenas offer part-time jobs during different sports seasons. This can also be steady work when concerts or art shows come to town. Fairs and carnivals need other workers, too, such as ride operators and parking attendants.

Lawn mower/Snow shoveler

In the summer, teens stay busy by mowing lawns and then shoveling driveways in the winter.

Camp Counselor

One of the most-rewarding part-time jobs for a teenager is to work as a camp instructor or counselor. They get to establish themselves as an independent and mature employee while positively influencing the lives of children.


Winter time is a great time to get certified in lifeguarding and CPR. Community pools, lakes and beaches need experienced lifeguards, especially during warm months.

Keeping it in the family

Do your parents run a business? Could they use your help? Start there.

Get started building a career early


For young people exploring a teaching career, tutoring younger kids is a great way to begin with core subjects like math, science or language arts.

Web designer

This is a good option for anyone who wants to take their abilities as a coder, programmer or graphic designer to the next level.

Animal assistant

Future veterinarians can get valuable experience in a variety of ways. Work part time for established animal doctors or at animal hospitals. In the beginning, entry level work includes making appointments or cleaning up. But this will soon build skills that lead to more advanced work.

Daycare assistant

This is a good job for future teachers or childcare specialists.

Library assistant

For anyone interested in pursuing work as a librarian, assist one first.

Landscape laborer

Young people who want to work as a landscape architect or landscaping business owner, can build their resume by working as a laborer while in school.


Nanny work gives valuable experience caring for a child, and all the responsibility that brings. During the summer, these services are especially needed with working parents.

In short, part-time jobs help teenagers gain independence, valuable skills and earn extra money.  


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