Characteristics of the Best Summer Camps of 2022

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When school lets out for summer this year and kids need routine and activity, parents like you look for the best summer camps of 2022 to provide stimulus, fun and opportunities for learning. First and foremost, when searching for the best summer camps near you, be on the lookout for programs that spark a passion or interest in your child. Since you know your kid better than anyone, you can’t go wrong with that plan!

But certain characteristics define great camps – and you should look for them when searching for the “best summer camps near me.” Let’s take a look at the kinds of things those best summer camps entail, what they look like, and how KidzToPros helps parents like you weed through the clutter to find best-fit summer camps that meet their students’ needs.

What Makes a Summer Camp the Best?

When looking at summer camp options, take a moment to consider your child, their personality and the kind of camp that would work best for them. Think about costs, schedules, curriculum and the methods that help your student learn best. Take all this information into account, and ask yourself the following questions to find the right program for your family.

  • What hours does your dream camp operate?
  • Do you need before- or aftercare?
  • What dates will your child be available for camp? Do these dates work with your chosen program?
  • How much can you afford to spend on summer camp?
  • Do you need a scholarship or financial aid?
  • Does your child need special health or learning accommodations?
  • Is it important to you that instructors or directors be certified in CPR and First Aid?
  • How should the camp handle minor injuries and emergencies?

Remember to Do Your Research

  • What camper-to-instructor ratio best fits your child’s learning style? Does your kid work better in groups or alone?
  • How important are instructors’ backgrounds, qualifications and experiences? Should they be experts in the areas they teach?
  • What special programs interest your child? Does the camp offer these subjects?
  • What successful daily routine works well for your child? Does that fit with your chosen camp/s?
  • What activities does the camp offer for kids in your child’s age group? What are some of the most popular ones your child might enjoy?
  • Does your child learn best online or on-site?
  • Will your child need time to get oriented and comfortable with the program? (This is especially important with first-time campers.)
  • What type of communication do you prefer from your selected camp/s?
  • Do you prefer to supply items for your child yourself, or should the camp have whatever they need on hand?
  • Are you OK with your child having screen time during camp? If not, how can you best communicate that with their instructor/s?
  • What type of security are you looking for to keep your child safe during camp?
  • Does your child have any special needs regarding rest, routine or exertion?
  • Are there any allergies and, if so, how would you like camp directors, nurses and teachers to handle them?
  • Does your family have any special dietary requirements?

STEM, Arts and Sports Camps

If your child enjoys STEM, arts or sports camps, look into KTPs best summer camps of 2022! Besides hosting some of the most engaging, fun and enticing subjects around, we also provide peace of mind for parents with:

  • Before- and Aftercare
  • Qualified and Experienced Instructors
  • Safety and Health Precautions
  • Subject-Matter Experts
  • Online or On-Site Options
  • Staff Background Checks
  • Challenging, Stimulating Lessons
  • Affordable Camps
  • Hands-on Learning
  • One-on-One Attention
  • Empathetic and Positive Coaches
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Accommodations for Diets or Special Needs

The following camps fill up quickly each year and parents routinely declare them the “best summer camps near me.” So peruse this list, hit up our website for more options and find one near you soon. We’d hate for your child to miss out this summer!  

Play It All Sports

One of our most popular sports options, Play It All Sports encourages campers to compete in a variety of sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, flag football, street hockey and kickball. While doing so, kids learn important values like teamwork, problem-solving and good sportsmanship. Highly trained coaches help campers develop their athletic skills while providing guidance, motivation and encouragement.


At Tennis camp, players focus on various strokes, footwork and strategy. Just-for-fun scrimmages, games and tournaments give kids a fun and personalized tennis workout that improves their game and their communication skills.

Film Studio

This camp attracts storytellers and videographers alike. Each camper starts with an intentional idea and storyboard, then plans and directs their short story, commercial or other videos. Aspiring filmmakers learn the basics of creating and telling a good story, then developing their own project and participating in others’ work as well. 

Art Skills

Young artists improve their drawing skills in Architecture, Anime and Cartooning at Art Skills camp. They learn how to design and draw various 2D and 3D architectural forms of buildings and structures, with an introduction to perspective drawing and simple shapes. This is a perfect fit for young artists and graphic designers!

Introduction to Python Programming

Campers learn to program in Python, one of the most popular coding languages used today, at Python Programming camp. Here, students learn foundational programming skills, project planning and execution. By the end of the summer, students amass the education and experience that jump-starts them toward a lifelong interest in computer science – and a productive future!

Coding Game Design: Classic Games

Campers build their own working versions of classic games. They learn how to manipulate, coordinate and animate objects with code, as well as think creatively, reason systematically, problem-solve and collaborate with peers to incorporate multiple perspectives in their own designs. This camp is a favorite of tech- and game-lovers!

A Summer of Learning and Fun

So what makes the best summer camps of 2022? If you’ve read this far, you know your child’s passions, interests, personality and learning style are the best place to start. Top that off with a serving of camps that fit your family’s lifestyle, budget (get $40 OFF below!) physical needs and schedule, and you’ve got a recipe for the best summer camps near you!

KidzToPros tailors summer camps to fit every student and their family. Get in touch and enroll your kids today. We think you’ll find we embody the characteristics of the best summer camps of 2022!

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    Hello, Monica. I assume you are referring to pricing for summer camps? If so, prices vary widely, based on the camp chosen, your location and your child’s age. We have both on-site camps in local communities and online camps for kids who prefer to learn from home. A rough range is anywhere from $200-$800, but again, this is just an estimate. If you want more specifics, go to our summer camps page here, enter your zip code and browse your options. You’ll see pricing right alongside each camp subject. We hope you’ll join us this summer in your area!

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