Family-Favorite Sports Camps for Young Athletes

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Playing sports helps children develop both physical and social skills in many ways. For example, it allows children to better develop physical skills and learn how to play fair. Kids also play sports and find it’s a fun way to exercise, make friends and learn teamwork. However, sometimes kids get too busy to play sports during the school year. That’s why positive, family-favorite sports camps during the summer provide the perfect time to introduce kids to sports – or help them improve current skills. 

How Are Family-Favorite Camps Different?  

The last thing kids need are summer days spent in a highly stressful, uber-competitive environment. The attitudes young athletes learn on the field often carry over into the rest of their lives, so it’s important to make sure they develop good habits and sportsmanship right upfront. 

Parents can help by choosing camps that model the values they teach at home. Programs like KidzToPros’ (KTP’s) summer sports camps encourage students to learn and play according to common values, and that makes kids better citizens, as well.

Look for some of the following qualities in a family-favorite summer sports program. You may need to speak with parents whose children have already attended sports camps, or with program directors, to decide which camps are a good match for your child. 

  • Games or tournaments that emphasize learning and having fun
  • Coaches with realistic expectations 
  • Supportive instructors and staff 
  • Players demonstrating positive communications skills 
  • Young players focusing on acceptance and improvement
  • Respectful spectators 

After camp begins, ask your kids about their day and learn about their experiences. Parental involvement is key when kids apply what they’ve learned. 

Active Parents, Families and Children

It’s not always easy to find time to exercise, but it’s helpful to know physical activity should be a family priority. The American Heart Association recommends that children six and older get at least an hour of exercise every day. Daily physical activity helps children maintain a healthy weight and keep their growing bodies conditioned. 

But families have so much to do that it’s hard to imagine carving out an extra hour each day. 

That’s where summer sports camp helps! At camp, children learn vital skills about how to play the game, work with others toward a common goal, listen to and follow coaches’ directions and persevere through disappointing or difficult times. By carrying these principles home with them, kids stay active with their families and get the most out of the foundational skills they learn and practice at sports camps. 

When your child comes home from sports camp each day, consider going outside with them to play hoops, practice kicking the ball or work on their backswing. Anything you do to encourage them to stay physically active while using their brain is a win for everyone – not to mention the quality time you’ll spend together!

As your child’s physical activity increases, you’ll also start to notice improved academic performance in your young athlete. When kids finish exercising or playing sports, they’re more inclined to relax. When they relax and sleep well at night, youngsters concentrate better in school and retain information for longer periods. Parents also report improved creativity and problem-solving when kids get physically fit. 

Sports camps are a hit for both kids and parents for many reasons. KTP summer sports camps fill up quickly with eager young athletes excited to learn and play. Read on to find out why.


KTP basketball coaches ensure fun ways to learn or improve skills such as dribbling and shooting. They also get kids playing games that work out their legs and arms, leading to muscle growth and definition in growing players. Kids enjoy competing with a diverse group of players. This improves their abilities. Parents appreciate the way their children respond and learn from different coaches. 


Attending a KTP tennis camp improves a player’s technique and conditioning. Players enjoy the benefits of learning more about the sport they love and how to compete effectively in it. Young athletes devote this extra time in the summer to improve their game, especially those who want to play at the next level once fall arrives. A good coach and camp environment is vital to a serious tennis player’s development.


Soccer players thrive at camps where coaches spend a lot of one-on-one time with them. This allows youngsters to develop the skills they need to succeed. Soccer camps with KTP afford kids the ability to play with diverse players at different levels. They hone the skills and muscles necessary to successfully score and defend. Camps are also fun and good preparation for fall and spring leagues. 

KTP Camps This Summer

KTP basketball, tennis and soccer camps encourage family-friendly, positive coaching so kids become better players, while also improving their social skills. Daily routines at sports camps emphasize the importance of physical fitness, combined with the fun of playing sports both individually and alongside others. Camps also teach kids valuable skills that benefit them later in life. 

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