Holidays and Family Activities for January

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The holiday season doesn’t necessarily have to end with New Year’s Day. January has several day, week and month-long celebrations that can be fun opportunities for families to continue having fun together. Here are some for you all to enjoy:

Holidays and Special Days in January

January 1

New Year’s Day: It’s the first day of the new year. Make it a great one!

January 2

International Stop Spam Day: Learn about ways to better protect your phones, pads and other devices. Teach these to your children, too.

January 3

Festival of Sleep Day: Take this day to catch up on needed rest. And also remind yourself of all the reasons why sleep is important to a healthy family.

January 4

National Spaghetti Day: There are so many ways to serve spaghetti, especially during cold winter months. Click here to find some healthy spaghetti recipes your family will enjoy.

January 5 

National Bird Day: Get outside with the kids and go birdwatching. Click here to find birds indigenous to your area.

January 6

Feast of the Epiphany – Three Kings: This is celebrated 12 days after Christmas and is the time when Christians remember the Wise Men (or Three Kings) who visited Jesus.

Bean Day: From hearty soups and stews to spicy chili, get the kids together and cook some healthy bean dishes on Bean Day.

January 8

Bubble Bath Day: A bubble bath can soothe a tired parent or make bath time fun for kids. Enjoy it!

January 10

Bittersweet Chocolate Day: If anything will encourage your kids to cook with you, it’s warm, bittersweet chocolate cookies.

Houseplant Appreciation Day: Houseplants improve moods, lower stress and so much more. That’s something to appreciate.

January 11

Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day: It’s a truly universal language and can be used in emergency situations when needed.

January 12

National Hot Tea Day: When it’s cold outside, tea inside can soothe. Serve cinnamon sticks, lemon and honey with your family’s favorite flavors.

National Take the Stairs Day: When you’re out and about, choose stairs over escalators or elevators. Make this part of a healthy routine.

January 13

Make Your Dream Come True Day: Take some time today to talk to your kids about how to make dreams a reality. Include examples of people who combine talent and hard work to do just that.

January 14

Dress Up Your Pet Day: Click here for fun pet outfits and ideas.

January 15

National Bagel Day: Bagels are more than just bread. Here are delicious toppings to enjoy on yours.

January 17

Kid Inventors Day: Celebrate kids whose inventions changed the world.

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday: This day honors a wonderful man in US History. It’s also a great day to honor his legacy by giving back, volunteering and spreading awareness about the struggle for civil rights.

January 18

Winnie the Pooh Day:  This is the birthday of Pooh’s author A.A. Milne. Therefore, it’s a great day to revisit the books, characters and movies surrounding this beloved character.

January 20

National Cheese Lover Day: A common favorite meal for kids is grilled cheese. What kinds are your favorites? Enjoy them today with some soup and hot cocoa.Penguin Awareness Day: Penguins are disappearing so make this day about awareness and learn how you can help prevent extinction.

January 21

National Hugging Day: Do we need a day to remind ourselves to hug our kids and partners?

January 22

National Blonde Brownie Day: There are plenty of nutritious, delicious blonde brownie recipes for you and your kids to enjoy.

January 23

National Pie Day: Do you like apple, key lime or pecan pie? How about all three!

January 24

Compliment Day: Take time today to say one kind compliment to everyone you encounter.

January 26

Spouse’s Day: Not that you need an excuse, but parents can enjoy all the benefits of going out without the kids today.

January 27

Chocolate Cake Day: Yet another reason to get the kids in the kitchen practicing math, reading and following directions.

January 28

Data Privacy Day: Make this the day you finally learn more about protecting your children’s privacy and family’s data.

January 29

National Puzzle Day: A cherished family staple is putting puzzles together. It teaches your children cooperation and problem-solving skills. You also get to spend quality, screen-free time together.

National Seed Swap Day: You don’t have to be a gardener to get together with friends or neighbors and swap seeds. Plants, flowers or veggies – now is the time to start that garden.

January 31

Inspire Your Heart with Art Day: Bring some visual artistry to your home by encouraging your kids’ inner artists to shine.

Month long celebrations

National Bath Safety Month: Never leave a child unattended in the bathroom. Read more safety tips here.

National Blood Donor Month: When you donate blood, you save a life. Older kids can donate blood, too. Click here to learn more.

National Braille Literacy Month: Louis Braille was born in January and so this recognizes his contribution as the creator of braille, a communication method for the blind and visually impaired.  

National Hobby Month: If you’re feeling bored or restless with some time on your hands, get a hobby! This is the month to do it.

National Oatmeal Month: Start cold mornings off right with a bowl of hot oatmeal. Here’s how to cook and top it.

National Soup Month: Soups are great, especially in winter. They soothe sore throats and are the perfect meal when we feel great or under the weather. Here are some recipes to try with the kids.

Weekly Celebrations

2nd Week – Letter Writing Week: After all, those Christmas or Chanukah thank you cards aren’t going to write themselves!

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