Holidays and Family Activities in November

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Autumn is in full gear and that means apple cider, colorful leaves and sweater weather. Even in warmer climates, the days are shorter and early mornings bring cooler breezes. You don’t have to wait until the end of November to start celebrating holidays with the family. Here are some ideas.

National, Religious and Unique Holidays


All Saint’s Day: This is a day when primarily Catholics celebrate all their saints, both known and unknown. It was once called All Hallows’ Day – which is why the night before is All Hallows’ Eve, or Halloween.

Dios Los Muertos, a two-day celebration on November 1 and 2, is primarily joyful. This holiday originated in Mexico. Adherents show love and respect for dead family members. Among other ways to commemorate, watch the movie Coco, which includes this celebration, with your family.

National Author’s Day: Celebrate your favorite children’s authors by reading their books.


All Soul’s Day: Another Christian, mainly Catholic, holiday where people remember those who’ve passed away. For example, they attend church services and decorate family graves.

Election Day: The first Tuesday (after the first Monday) of November is when general elections are held in the United States.


Diwali Day: The date varies when commemorating this 5-day Hindu celebration of lights. Diwali is the biggest holiday of the year. It covers multiple stories, all centering around the triumph of good over evil.


Book Lovers Day: On the first Saturday of November, get together with fellow readers. Celebrations include visiting libraries, supporting local book stores or forming a book club with friends.


Young Readers Day: This is celebrated on the second Tuesday of November. It began as a way to encourage children, and their parents, to read together. Some families also build little free libraries in neighborhoods around their town.


Veteran’s Day: This became a national holiday in 1938. Veteran’s Day is a day to thank all living veterans for their sacrifice and service. For instance, call your local veteran’s hospital or charitable organizations. They may need help serving elderly veterans in need.

World Origami Day: Origami started in Japan, where a crane made of paper symbolizes peace around the world. If you’d like your kids to learn origami, be sure to sign them up for KidzToPros Thanksgiving Break Holiday Camp now.


Caregiver Appreciation Day: Most caregivers are family members. Therefore, it’s easy to forget that they need regular time off. They must incorporate self-care in order to better care for others. So treat your favorite caregiver to a respite day. They can enjoy this time for themselves.

World Kindness Day: Perform a random act of kindness. Then spread the word on social media to inspire others.


World Diabetes Day: This day promotes awareness around the world about diabetes prevention and treatment.


America Recycles Day: Click here to find places near you that recycle. This includes aluminum, plastic, electronics and more.

National Philanthropy Day: This highlights the power of giving. It also celebrates those who give of themselves all year long.


Have a Party With Your Bear Day: If you need an excuse to get together with friends and teddy bears, here you go. Enjoy!

International Tolerance Day: “Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human.”


Take A Hike Day: Get outside with the family. Hike through national forests, parks, beaches or your own neighborhood.


Great American Smokeout: One of the hardest things to do is beat an addiction. And quitting smoking is no different. Join these campaigns to support those trying to kick this unhealthy habit.


National Adoption Day: Every Saturday before Thanksgiving, this calls attention to the hundreds of thousands of children in foster care. They are waiting to be adopted.

Universal Children’s Day: This is a great day to promote organizations helping children around the world.


Go For a Ride Day: Get outside and ride your bikes with friends and family. Stay safe!


Thanksgiving: This national holiday on the fourth Thursday in November celebrates gratitude. Click here to help those less fortunate celebrate in your community.


Buy Nothing Day:  Although most people are aware of shopping sprees the day after Thanksgiving, this is different. This movement brings awareness about debt, consumerism and over-shopping. It also encourages people spend the day with family and friends instead.


Advent Begins: This begins the holiday season as Christians prepare for the celebration of Christmas. It usually last four weeks.

Chanukah Begins: An 8-night Jewish festival, Chanukah commemorates the Maccabee revolt to rededicate the temple in Jerusalem in 2nd century BCE. It is also known as the Festival of Lights. The holiday includes making potato latkes, lighting candles and opening presents with family.

Celebrating food in November

These are days where you can have some fun with the family menu. This goes for lunch, dinner or snacks. Click on the links for healthy recipes.


World Vegan Day


Deviled Egg Day


Sandwich Day


National Nacho Day


Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day


Cook Something Bold Day


Homemade Bread Day


Eat a Cranberry Day  

National Cashew Day

National Espresso Day


French Toast Day

And for those who want to celebrate food all month long, November is also Peanut Butter Lovers and World Vegan Month.

November celebrations and awareness

Child Safety Protection Month: Take necessary steps to protect your children at home, school and outside with these safety tips.

National Epilepsy Month: Historically, people with epilepsy have been unfairly stigmatized. Learn more about this affliction and ways to treat/prevent it.

Native American Heritage Month: Let this November be the month where you learn, and teach your children, about indigenous people. Click here for fun activities that spread love, hope and awareness.

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