Most Popular After-School Programs For Your Kids

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Kids stand on a tennis court ready to practice their tennis swings.

As each new school year begins, working parents look for ways to keep their children safe after school. That’s never been more important than this year. Parents also want their kids in after-school programs learning something valuable and having fun at the same time. At KidzToPros After-School Programs, we take fun learning seriously. And safety is our highest priority.

Here are some of our most popular after-school programs.

Wonder Robotics

Is there a way to help children ages 4-7 get a leg-up on computer science without bogging them down or burning them out?

Yes, a Wonder Robotics after-school program! 

It’s also the newest team sport.

This exciting curriculum teaches young children the fun and basics of what is fast becoming a vital literacy: coding. They do this while encouraging healthy competition. Players also work together toward a shared objective.

No experience is necessary for this hands-on approach to win with kids. They don’t need to understand computer science. Curiosity and supportive instructors are all that’s needed for kids to program robots and watch them go!

Wonder Robotics is bored-proof with thousands of puzzles to unlock the mysteries of what these robots can do. When kids practice at improving particular skills, it helps that the lessons are a series of games. They have fun with teams and friends cheering them on. 

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Play it All Sports

Why choose one sport when your children can play five or more? This program combines various sports including soccer, basketball, and tennis for ages 5-11. 

Students learn important values like teamwork, problem-solving, and good sportsmanship. Passionate, highly trained coaches help kids develop sports skills and stay active. This helps them focus later on homework or wind down easier when it’s time for bed.

When kids are active, they’re also developing gross motor skills such as balance and coordination. Specific skill honing improves their athletic ability in a variety of sports.

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Digital Arts 

Students ages 7-11 create printed art with cutting edge capabilities to take talent to the next level.

Technology doesn’t threaten traditional artmaking, technology enhances it. Endless brushes, colors and texture tools bring out the best of a student’s artistic development. Imagination and creativity do the rest.

Students are also introduced to color theory, perspective, and contrast.

With creative freedom and technical knowledge, young artists can create endless possibilities.

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Coding Game Design 

This program gives a boost to aspiring game developers.

Kids ages 7-11 are into video games. Wouldn’t it be great for them to go from playing games to making them? In an after-school program with other kids and a supportive instructor, there’s no limit to what they can do.

First, they learn Scratch coding projects. Then they improve their ability to build various games.

Students manipulate, coordinate, and animate multiple characters and objects. Instructors provide a template for the games. They challenge students to use creativity and add their own personal touch. By the end of the course, students leave with a portfolio of multiple playable games.

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This popular after-school program introduces the fundamentals of shooting, passing, and dribbling. Students ages 7-11 practice layups, jump shots, and pivoting. Their footwork, defense, and rebounding skills see a huge improvement.

Students have fun and get plenty of exercise while working on mastering technique. They develop better body coordination, balance and control.

These young athletes also play in teams with a healthy dose of competitive spirit. This is a time devoted to good sportsmanship and leadership roles. Playing these games builds ability and confidence.

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LEGO Robotics

This is a fun, kid-friendly way to encourage your children’s interest in STEM subjects. In addition, this gets your kids ages 7-11 familiar with the latest technology.

Future generations will interact more with robots as they grow up. Therefore, they should get comfortable with them. And also learn how to have some fun.

LEGO Robotics encourages critical thinking and develops more advanced problem-solving skills. For instance, students read and follow instructions. Then they develop theories about how to address certain problems.

Working in teams allows kids to teach and direct others. It encourages them to help figure things out. As a result, kids learn group dynamics and how to effectively lead.

Building robots is challenging. Programming requires hard work. When kids create something unique, their self-esteem goes up. They tend to be happier, more productive young people as a result.

In short, LEGOS are toys and toys are fun! A chance for kids to get out of their routine, making cool robots and memories to last a lifetime.

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This after-school program teaches the fundamentals of the game for students ages 7-11. They focus on strokes, racquet control and footwork. Players also develop and strengthen forehands, backhands, approaches, volleys, and serves.

They also get to play!

Students build a strong foundation for tennis while mastering technique. This improves motor skills and sports proficiency. The importance of focus is conveyed when players play matches against one another. Just like other KidzToPros sports programs, Tennis combines healthy competition with good sportsmanship.

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Learning doesn’t have to end at the last ring of the day’s school bell. Neither does enrichment and fun.

These are the most engaging and in-demand STEM, arts and sports after-school programs. KidzToPros courses provide hands-on learning, forums for creative expression, time with peers, and a chance for kids to explore in a stress-free environment. All while keeping them safe.

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