Most Popular Online Camps For Kids Under 15

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Dozens of interactive, popular online camps keep kids under 15 learning, socializing and having fun. All from the comfort of their own home, while on vacation or anywhere they find themselves this summer. Depending on your child’s age and interest, these are favorite offerings from KidzToPros, taught by experienced instructors to groups of 10 kids or less.

Combo Camps for younger campers:

Active Kids (Superheroes) + Art Skills (Texture & Paper Creations)

This combination course provides an hour of texture and paper creations to develop your child’s creativity and imagination. Then followed by an hour of superheroes fun to get them up and moving. In Art Skills, kids learn drawing techniques using simple materials you have at home. They’ll get immediate feedback from the instructor and lots of inspiration from classmates. Also, in Active Kids, a friendly and energetic instructor leads campers through a variety of fitness routines designed to improve body control and increase flexibility.

LEGO Masters + Art Skills + Hip-Hop

Grab a bucket of LEGOS for unique collaborative challenges each day. During LEGO Masters and Art Skills, helpful instructors guide designs, give feedback and iterate ideas to develop creative, engineering mindsets. Hip-Hop improves coordination, synchronization, musicality, rhythm and listening skills. Each session includes stretching and conditioning followed by a choreography that combines old and new moves and games. Campers develop and build on drawing skills to create rich architectural designs. They combine shapes and work on perspective for complex drawing. The creations are amazing!

Scratch coding + Martial Arts + Origami

Scratch helps children think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Firstly, this combination course uses foundational computer coding concepts (sequencing, branching, looping and variables) to create art. In Origami, they learn basic folds to make almost anything out of paper. A variety of models get more complex as they go along. In Martial Arts, campers strengthen their minds and bodies with basic forms and poses.

STEM camps based on video games:

Roblox – Obstacle Course & Scavenger Hunt

In this KidzToPros’ entry-level Roblox course, kids create, combine, and modify a variety of dynamic obstacles into a playable Roblox game. By the end of the course, students are proficient in basic building, creating and then sharing their games with others. This course also includes an introduction to basic functions in the Lua Scripting Language.

Minecraft Design & Coding: Adventure Maps

Minecraft campers think through how to make a playable activity and learn conditionals and event triggering. They use command blocks, red stones, and more to create Adventure Maps, missions and games. Then they can package their game to send to others to play. Kids broaden their problem-solving and computational thinking while playing one of the most popular and dynamic games in history.

Minecraft Theater: Script and Perform in Minecraft

Students combine performing and STEM for a lot of fun and creative expression. They think through set design, props, plot, scripting, voice acting, and more. Campers design an original pixelated production that will amaze audiences everywhere. In addition to individual projects, they practice collaboration and creativity to build a story together in groups as well. Don’t miss the final performance!

Esports: Fortnite Advanced

KidzToPros expert eSports instructors provide live guidance to small groups of players. They review the fundamentals, strategies and tips on how to play Fortnite. Players are then prepared to take a seat on the battle bus and advance their skills to an intermediate level of play. Using Creative mode, students have a blast improving in areas of building, battle, and respect for other players.

Coding & Game Design camps:

Web Design

This makes the list of popular online camps thanks to instructors teaching how to create dynamic and visually-appealing websites. They learn the foundations of front-end web development. Campers also design and create their own web page by considering layout, responsive pages, visuals, dynamic content and more. Students not only use three different programming languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript), but they also learn how all three work together to create beautiful and purpose-driven websites.

Java Game Design

Students use Java, the most popular programming language in the world, and the development environment Greenfoot to apply object-oriented programming concepts and skills. This includes important programming concepts. For instance, classes & objects, data types, conditional statements and iteration to create video games they can play with friends. They have fun and express creativity while learning. By the end of the course, students understand Java and have a basic proficiency in writing code according to object-oriented principles.

Art Camps:

Digital 3D Modeling

In digital 3D Modeling, kids create their own characters, environment, and objects to be used in a video game. The course is a unique blend of art and technology. Campers manipulate 3D shapes to emulate real-life objects and add lighting effects. Then, they enhance their models with textures, shading, sculpting, and rigging for animation. They finish with an introduction to cartoon character Modeling.

Summertime is the best time for kids to explore their favorite interests and learn new skills while having fun. KidzToPros offers affordable online camps providing age-specific instruction and flexible schedules. Using popular video conferencing technology, campers can join from anywhere in the world. The most popular online camps for kids under 15 are just a click away!


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