Must-try Summer Camps Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten Students

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As a kid, summer can be one of the best times. Pre-K and Kindergarten students get a bit of a break from day-care and pre-school to rejuvenate and spend some time just having fun. However, summer can also be hard on kids of that age since they may forget many of the lessons they learned in school. At that age, a lot of what they learn is practiced behaviors and routines, and summer can interrupt those routines. Take advantage of the summer break to enroll your kid in a camp that will teach new skills in STEM, arts or sports, help improve their social skills, and re-enforce habits that will help them succeed in school. Here are some of the must-try summer camp activities for pre-k and K-students.


One of the best ways to help your little one develop new skills and explore new subjects is through Makerspace. Study after study shows that the best way to educate students is often through letting them experience and problem solve in specific subjects. This can be hard to facilitate at home where there are limited time and resources to let kids create. You can take advantage of a Makerspace camp to give your child access to everything that they need to explore a new subject. 

Makerspaces provide resources needed to explore a topic, including limited guidance and direction. Then, the kids try to solve the problem on their own. They have a variety of options for solving problems and can come up with their own solutions. All of this happens under the guidance of a trained counselor who can offer help when needed but will ultimately let the kids explore for themselves. It is an effective way for kids to learn through their own experiences. 

Art Camp

There are many benefits of art camp for children. These benefits include enhancing their creativity, building their self-esteem and enriching the learning experience of children. Young children like to learn about art, a subject that requires a lot of hands-on experience to master. Enrolling your little one in an art camp is a great way to explore different types of art and various ways to create it. They get multiple chances to explore various styles and determine what they enjoy best. 

Like Makerspace, art camps make it easier to create a variety of projects since they provide all of the resources that are needed. Art supplies can be expensive and having instructors there to help your child create the art that they want to create can be a formative experience in a young artist’s life. Having the supplies they need, provides your child with the experience of building real life art skills. They can learn to paint, draw, and do other crafts in an environment that’s fun and encouraging. 

Many parents are also wary when it comes to giving their 4 and 5 year old open access to art supplies, as it can get messy, especially with paints and glues. At camp, instructors can manage and take care of the mess, allowing kids to have a blast exploring their creative side.

Art camp also allows young kids to socialize and build relationships with other kids. They can work together to create one of a kind creations and share their creations with fellow campers. At summer camp, your kindergartener can also make new friends and create bonds with fellow campers that they might join at school in the fall.

Engineering with LEGO

Engineering skills are in high demand, and students are learning about engineering from an earlier age. Programs for pre-K and K children focus on the basics of engineering, teaching foundational skills through hands-on projects. For example, learning about structural integrity is simply a matter of building things with the right materials.

For young children, LEGO is widely regarded as one of the best building materials for teaching kids about engineering. By providing building blocks that stick together and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, kids can build nearly anything out of LEGO and have it be sturdy and durable. If their design doesn’t work, then they can take apart their LEGO structure and start again. Building with LEGO is both challenging and forgiving, and provides projects that support each child’s level of skills. 

In KidzToPros LEGO Masters programs, your little one will learn the basics of engineering while getting the opportunity to practice other skills. Engineering projects are often done in groups, which means that your child will have the chance to practice social skills. In online programs, kids can still collaborate by sharing how they built their projects. In some cases, they may also be able to practice leadership skills. 


Sports camps are always a popular choice with pre-K and kindergarten kids. They get the chance to be active and play the sports that they like while being with other kids their own age. Parents like sports camps because they let kids be active in a positive and engaging way, while developing physical, behavioral and emotional skills. 

Sports camps for younger children take a variety of approaches to teaching sports-related skills. One of the most popular ways of doing this is breaking skills down into easy-to-do activities that are engaging and increase participant’s chances of success. That way, they don’t leave frustrated and genuinely feel that they have improved their skills. It can be a major confidence booster for kids, which can help them tackle problems for the rest of their lives. 

As a parent, struggling to teach a child about self-confidence can be a major concern. Building confidence helps kids understand what they can do and allows them to trust their instincts when taking on new challenges. Sports camp makes it easier by creating situations where participants have a chance to create their own success amongst their peers. When children have small successes that their peers can celebrate, it has a big impact on how they feel about themselves.

Another important benefit of sports camps for children is that they build self-esteem. Young athletes that participate in camps tend to feel better about their own abilities and limitations. In many cases, these young athletes feel like champions because of the self-esteem they built while at camp. This booster of self-esteem lasts throughout the athlete’s life.

Other critical benefits of sports camp is they help teach good sportsmanship and teamwork, while helping build physical strength and endurance. Enroll your pre-k or kindergartener in sports camp and they’ll be sure to learn new skills, meet new people, improve their overall health and have fun.


Kids love to dance! Give them a chance to dance in a fun and unjudging space, and they will dance until they fall down. Dance camps tend to focus on a particular style of dance, like Hip-Hop. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, your child will build a foundation of dance skills and moves, which can be an asset for their entire life.

As kids get older and more aware about how they look while dancing, they will have a lot of dance experience to fall back on and won’t feel so self-conscious. Providing the foundational skills and showing how enjoyable it can be to dance also gives kids a desire to attend dance camp at any age. Your young child will create a lifetime worth of positive early memories dancing with new friends. 

Sign Your Pre-K and K Students Up for Summer Camp

Whether you’re a new parent or your older kids have been attending summer camp for several years, you know that there are many fun and engaging activities to choose from when it comes to summer camp activities for kindergarteners and pre-K students. Young kids have varied likes and levels of skills, so it’s important that you choose activities that cater to their interests and abilities. 

KidztoPro can help you cultivate a variety of skills in your child. Our holiday and summer camps range from dance to science and STEAM activities. Your little one can explore a wide variety of subjects that interest them while having a good time with other kids their age. Signup for camps online and explore the wide range of subjects that we have available. 


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