On Mother’s Day and Every Day: We See You, Mom

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mothers day

You’re up every day, before the rest of the family, taking a deep breath to center yourself. After a few precious seconds of alone time, and maybe a sip of coffee, you make sure the kids rise and shine to a smiling face and an encouraging word.

They eat nutritious food because you memorized all the labels years ago. The television is off, even though you are curious about the news of the day, because you want young minds to start their day with less anxiety than the cat who’s currently chasing its own tail. 

They’re old enough to choose their own clothes now. 

You don’t bend down and tie their shoelaces for them – even though it would take you less than a minute. You don’t do this, not because you don’t like bending over (You don’t. It’s exhausting.) but because it’s important they tie their own shoelaces. 

Even if it takes them ten minutes, right?

The breezy way you ask if their homework assignments are all done took some practice. So did the way you ignore that loud nail polish your oldest insists is all the rage.

You try not to worry about the cell phone making noises from the backpack. Instead, you look for that one song to play in the background because you read Mozart promotes creative thinking.

Then they’re off to school, even if school is the home office right across the hall from your bedroom.

It’s been a year.

But you’re still on top of it. 

You make sure music lessons and art classes and family dinners are still a thing.

You listen to worries about elementary, middle or high school and try to remember what helped you when you were their age. Even though you never dealt with Zoom lessons, viruses and social unrest. 

You tell these young people you love, calmly, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. While you’re comforting them, you’re comforting yourself, too. 

The last year hasn’t been easy.

You sacrifice and adjust. Smile and make sure face masks are on correctly. You look into those eyes you love so much and make sure they feel better after a hug from you.

You’re looking forward to better times.

We are, too.

Thank you for trusting us with your children. Thank you for continuing to believe that even as everything else seems shaky and uncertain, the idea that kids should be kids, learning and having fun…staying safe…that’s a constant.

That will never be compromised. 

We are extending $75 off of our 2021 on-campus summer camps through this weekend with the code MOMS75.

Here’s to a great summer. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

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