Popular Onsite Camps for Kids Under 15

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This year, KidzToPros has provided lots of fun and enriching onsite camps for kids under 15. These programs get campers out of the house to socialize, improve a variety of skill sets and enjoy the summer together. Every program is a hit, but these are the most popular:

STEM Camps


Kids love designing Obby and Scavenger Hunts with Roblox. In this camp, they get introduced to real programming scripts in Roblox Studio. This knowledge helps them develop the fundamentals of coding, building and scripting. A proficiency in basic building leads campers to create and share their games.

Kids get comfortable in the STEM world by coding and modifying basic functions in the Lua Scripting Language. They’re adding triggers, responses, or other actions to their games. This makes their original creations easier and more fun to play for everyone.


Design interactive gadgets, toys and games, or vehicles and structures in three different kinds of Makerspace camps. No matter which camp you choose, kids build their own imaginative, interactive inventions. 

Campers use age-appropriate materials, tools, and building techniques. They apply this knowledge to better understand how things work, how they are made, and where good ideas come from. In the end, campers see how a growth mindset creates a structure for creativity.

Meanwhile they create fun projects that combine imagination with real-life considerations. Campers end the summer feeling more comfortable in a fun, academic STEM environment. 


KidzToPros has three different – and wildly popular – Minecraft camps from which to choose. Your kids study how famous structures become beautiful masterpieces, and build their own, in Minecraft Structures and History. They tell beautiful, powerful and fun stories in Minecraft Theater. Or they design adventures and games to share with friends in Minecraft Coding & Game Design: Adventure Maps.

The possibilities are endless.

Campers think through how to make a playable activity with conditionals and event triggering. They grow more comfortable using command blocks, red stones, and more. As a result, the kids develop more advanced academic problem-solving and computational thinking while playing one of the most popular and dynamic games in history.

At the end of the program, each camper creates something new to either play themselves or send to friends.

Wonder Robotics and Play It All! Sports

Campers practice 21st century problem-solving, design and coding skills with Wonder League Robotics. This happens while using “Dash” – a STEM robot. Kids also learn teamwork, cooperating in groups of up to five students. Each exciting day is filled with campers exploring how to program their robot for a series of increasingly complex missions. Then they build attachments to their robot. All while using creative thinking, problem-solving, innovation and teamwork.

Arts Camps

Film Studio

Aspiring filmmakers create, film and edit a compelling story in this unique summer camp program. For starters, each camper takes a concept they imagined and creates a storyboard based on that idea. Then they move through planning and directing shots for what becomes a short story, commercial, or other video. 

In the meantime, they participate in each other’s short films and end the week with a festival celebrating everyone’s work. They will take home a copy of their production to forever remember this experience.

Campers use an iPad (provided by KidzToPros for use during camp) as their all-in-one tool for filming, music, and editing. As a guiding reference, each day they watch a kid-friendly film. Afterwards, the instructor leads them in a lively discussion about the film’s story so they can apply basic film-making tips.

Improv Comedy

Campers soak up all the creativity and improvisation skills flowing in this popular performing arts camp. They think on their feet working with changing dynamics as those changes happen in real time. They’re also creating artful characters and telling amazing stories. In this ever changing environment, campers develop skills to captivate an audience. ​

KidzToPros offers two weeklong Improv Comedy themes. If you can’t decide which is best, take both!

In IMPROV COMEDY: CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT CAMP kids cooperate with scene partners and build a story. Some future thespians focus on character development. Others thrive playing a variety of active games. Both help them to better develop the basics of art, theater and improvisation. Afterwards, each camper puts on their own performance.​

In IMPROV COMEDY: SCENE WORK CAMP kids learn that teamwork is the nature of scene work. As a result, they cooperate to tell stories together in shared universes with invisible “props.” This popular camp keeps them moving and telling their own stories. In the end, each camper shines in their own performances.


Play it All Sports

Why choose one sport when you can play five or more? Each fun-filled day combines various activities and sports including soccer, basketball, flag football, street hockey and kickball. 

Campers learn important values like teamwork, problem-solving, and good sportsmanship. Passionate, highly trained coaches help kids develop sports skills and stay active at the same time. 

As you can see, summertime is fun-time at these popular KidzToPros onsite camps. From STEM to Arts to Sports programs, there are plenty of options for kids under 15. It’s not too late, so click here to register now!


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