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Soccer: It’s the most popular sport in the world! Though we call it ‘soccer’ here in America, other countries around the globe call it ‘football.’ But regardless what you call it, every year millions of kids sign up for local leagues and teams. Why? Because they love it! Without school or other distractions, young athletes devote summer hours every day to this game they love, primarily through soccer camp. Even parents look for ways to help improve their children’s game during the summer months

First of all, it’s a simple sport. All you need is a soccer ball and a place to play. Secondly, it’s a universal language with the power to unify children from many different backgrounds. Soccer routinely tears down cultural, economic and religious barriers. 

At KidzToPros (KTP) our soccer summer camp provides a place for children to do so much more! Read on to learn more about why soccer is so popular worldwide, and how KidzToPros makes soccer camp thoroughly enjoyable for students.

It Helps Them Build Friendships

For lots of kids, making new friends is the best part of summer vacation. At KTP camps, our coaches and instructors create an environment where players feel like they belong. This encourages new friendships to grow, and builds self-confidence and social skills. On the soccer field with KTP, kids work and play together to win games and make great memories that last a lifetime. 

It Encourages Growth and Good Sportsmanship

KTP soccer camp helps kids build valuable life skills like teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving. As a result, they become better people, as well as better players. Healthy competition also allows all athletes to play an important role. This motivates kids to do their best and work together to realize common goals, both on-field and off. 

It Promotes the Maintainance of Healthy Habits

Getting outside every day keeps kids active and exercising. It also reduces screen time, which improves mental health. 

Running around on a soccer field contributes to a healthier cardiovascular system, better muscle development and improved motor skills. Regular physical activity also promotes healthier eating habits and higher academic performance. KidzToPros takes advantage of this by encouraging kids to eat healthy, stay active and push ahead at soccer camp so they do better in school when they return in the fall.

It Endorses Equity 

Gender and racial equity prove vital for effective and sustainable development around the globe. Soccer camp helps by breaking down gender and racial stereotypes. Playing with a diverse group of kids helps our young ones defy the urge to form biases. This works to transform discriminatory practices in every community as kids grow.

It’s Fun!

That’s right: Soccer is just plain fun! It offers kids an opportunity to get some energy out, refine skills and thoroughly enjoy themselves. Summer camp also encourages kids to make good, healthy choices, increasing their enjoyment overall. 

How Does Soccer Summer Camp Improve Soccer Skills?

Kids become better players by playing and practicing all summer long. KTP soccer camp helps kids with expert guidance and attention to best practices. They head back to their fall team or league feeling ready to go. 

Here’s how kids improve in our soccer program:

1. Running

Most of a soccer player’s performance relies on cardiovascular fitness. Consistent running speed allows players to outpace the opposing team. The more kids run, the stronger they become. That increased strength leaves them feeling more confident and comfortable on the field.  

2. Dribbling Drills

Our campers work on dribbling to improve strength in both their dominant and non-dominant foot. Players practice moving the ball in tight spaces, using each foot to become better passers and goal-makers. They also work on strategy, as they move the ball closer to the net. 

3. Passing Techniques

KTP coaches ensure campers practice their passing and rebound skills every day. They also work on form, as this helps determine accuracy in passing. Kids learn to maintain eye contact, stay alert and use the entire team as a resource throughout the game. 

4. Muscle Growth

As children grow, their muscles lengthen, so it’s important to make sure they stretch adequately. Warming up with deep breaths and stretches gives campers a chance to get in tune with their bodies. They spend time before each game stretching muscles to limber up their bodies and clear their minds. Slowing and cooling down afterward is just as important, and ensures kids don’t overdo or suffer injuries.

5. Shooting Form

Put up those shots! Combining running and dribbling, along with encouragement from KTP coaches, we make sure young athletes’ shooting form matches their skill level. Our players take the opportunity to drive at the ball with their laces, practicing placement and accuracy. This gets the whole body involved. 

Summer is Coming – Don’t Wait!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Enroll your child in a KTP soccer summer camp this year! They’ll have fun, improve their skillset, and determine the best ways to achieve their goals. Then they’ll enter the fall like the champion they are – both on the field and in the classroom.  


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