Special July Days and Activities For The Whole Family

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Now that the summer is in full swing, there are no shortages of ways to spend time with family. Special July days abound, and although Independence Day is the biggie, there are others during this mid-summer month. Some are thoughtful, to raise awareness, while others are silly and fun. All are unique and interesting ways to acknowledge, observe and celebrate with your kids.

Month-Long Awareness

Making a Difference for Children. Hundreds of thousands of charities exist to improve quality of life for children. But they need volunteers, donations and a growing awareness for the work they do. Click here to find one that aligns with your values.

Juvenile Arthritis. Not just an affliction for the elderly, over 300,000 children have arthritis in the United States. In short, the key to a cure is raising money and awareness. Click here to spread the word.  

Dedicated Weeks

National Parenting Gifted Children (July 16-18) is a week where you can reach out to parents with gifted children and show support. For example, volunteer to give them a break, by providing free babysitting, or just be there to listen. Spread social awareness of the challenges around raising gifted children.

National Baby Food Week (July 21-24) inspires a popular and well-attended festival right outside Fremont, Michigan each year. Click here for ticket information. Also, other ways to commemorate include making nutritious and simple baby food for your kids. Click here for some fun recipes.

Fun Days

7/1: International Joke Day allows you to trigger your inner comedian. For instance, host an open mic party in your neighborhood. Make a funny observation on social media. Find countless good jokes here to share with friends and family.

7/2: World UFO Day can be a great excuse to sit down with some popcorn and watch E.T., Contact and other fun movies about aliens and outer space.

7/7: Father-Daughter Take a Walk Together Day can take place in your neighborhood or nearby trails. Early in the morning, before the sun gets too hot, is a great time to talk and reconnect before the day gets away from you.  

7/10: Teddy Bears’ Picnic Day can take place at a local park or even in your backyard. Pack up a nutritious lunch and also your closest furry, stuffed friends and make a party for everyone. 

7/13: Embrace Your Geekness Day and nerd out with all your friends. What are self-proclaimed geeks most happy doing? Watching or debating sci-fi shows, playing video games, and blogging about superhero movies? Doesn’t matter. Today is your day!

7/19: Global Hug Your Kid Day is every day, we know. But here is one of the most special July days, a time set aside to bring your child close and let them know how much you love them.

7/20: Moon Day is an annual celebration where kids can learn about the moon and its history. Our moon has been the subject of poems, songs and fascination. Click here to read more about this national anniversary of when U.S. astronauts first walked its surface.

7/22: National Hammock Day encourages us to learn more about how to make a comfortable and secure outside napping area.

7/26: National Aunt & Uncles Day is a day to call, write or visit with your parents’ siblings. Ask them to share some fun stories from their youth. Then record these for the whole family. Let them know you really care.

Food days

There is something for every kind of foodie in the family. Click each link below to find recipes, celebrations near you, deals or discounts. Bon appetit! 

Preparing delicious recipes is a great activity for special July Days with your whole family. Working together in the kitchen can also be a fun way to keep your children’s brains working. Reading, measuring and following directions prevent summer learning loss

Have a wonderful July! 

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