Summer Camps 2022: A Preview

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December is National Sign Up for Summer Camp Month. It helps to think and plan ahead. Beat the crowds. This is especially true if you have children in need of enrichment options this summer. Yes, breaks and rests are important. But summer is also a time to explore different interests. Children need to learn about topics outside the classroom. This will help them thrive as they get older. Let’s take a look at what KidzToPros is offering for Summer Camps 2022.

Why STEM, Arts and Sports?

The best part of summer camp is getting your kids exposed to interests they can’t explore at school. Too many districts are cutting performing and visual arts classes. They’re reducing the amount of time children spend outside or in physical education. And STEM is sometimes only available as an elective option for older students.

At KidzToPros summer camps, your kids can get hours of these important activities every day.

Campers also benefit from best-in-class instructors and coaches. Professionals who are ready to challenge and support their students.

Camp’s an adventure.

In order to maintain your child’s keen interest in the summertime, camps must put an emphasis on fun, discovery and learning. This goes for everything from sports and coding to robotics and creative arts.

KidzToPros does this with dynamic curricula that develops your child’s critical thinking skills. At the same time they’re having fun, playing with friends. This integrates the values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

In creative and safe environments, top-tier professional instructors help your child get the most out of their summer.

Good camps produce well-rounded students.

You want your kids exposed to the latest in STEM technology. You’ve also told KidzToPros it’s important for arts and sports to be included in each program. This combination keeps kids challenged, inspired and physically active.

That’s the challenge.

Sustain a student’s interest with relevant enrichment activities. Also get them moving with sports programs while engaging their creative side.

KidzToPros Summer Camps 2022 is up to it.


  • Teach your child how to design and develop games.
  • Tell interactive stories.
  • Program circuits, robots and more.
  • Prepare for a high-tech future.


  • Explore ways to develop creative potential.
  • Express creativity.
  • Bring imagined ideas to life.
  • Look at the world from new perspectives.


  • Keep active and moving.
  • Learn the fundamentals of popular sports.
  • Emphasize teamwork.
  • Focus on positive play.

The KidzToPros Factor

You can choose between one and two weeklong camps, or both! These provide adventures that allow your kids to take some risks. They’re going to try new things and see what sparks a lifelong interest.

These camps are so popular that over 300 schools have signed up to work with KidzToPros. Together, these partnerships provide learning opportunities to students both on-campus and online. They also work with parents to enrich the lives of their campers all summer long.

Additionally, KidzToPros hires highly trained educators and subject-matter experts. They are background checked and COVID-19 tested. This ensures a safe educational experience for your kids. So do background and reference checks.

It’s working, too.

As a result of making safety a priority, KidzToPros has hosted over 1,500 kids at on-campus summer and seasonal camps throughout 2020-21. There were no reported cases of COVID-19.

They continue to abide by state and county guidelines.

However, if you want an at-home experience for your kids, KidzToPros Summer Camps 2022 has that, too. A stellar online camp experience allows your campers real-time, interactive instruction. They also get to engage with other kids – all from the comfort of their own home.

Ages 3-6/Grades PreK-K

It’s a privilege to introduce little ones to their first camp experience. And KidzToPros doesn’t take this responsibility lightly.

At this stage, your kids are learning how to make friends. They develop coordination and motor skills. Younger campers are also building healthy bones and muscles.

Therefore, instructors are important. They’re guiding kids through beginning classes in:

  • Makerspace 
  • Wonder Robotics 
  • Play It All Sports 

Ages 6-8/Grades 1-2

It’s important to remember that in early elementary camps, kids are still beginners. Camp instructors gently encourage kids to discover what they like and enjoy.

That means engaging in activities that require understanding and problem-solving abilities. Young campers must learn to work on their own and also with their peers.

This can be done with a slightly more advanced curriculum including:

  • Makerspace 
  • Wonder Robotics 
  • Play It All Sports 
  • Basketball, soccer, and tennis 

Ages 7-11 Grades 2-5

Now that they’re in the swing of summer camps, mid-to-late elementary campers can focus on expanding their views and experiences.

While they’re learning to think independently, your kids enjoy collaborating with their friends. This promotes patience, communication and cooperation. They also learn more about STEM and specific sports while getting creative when and where they can.

Both on-campus and online Summer Camps 2022 drive these ideas home, including:

  • Makerspace 
  • LEGO Robotics 
  • Scratch Coding 
  • Roblox
  • Minecraft 
  • Play It All Sports 
  • Basketball, Soccer, and Tennis 

Ages 10-14/Grades 5-8

Middle school is such an important time in your child’s life. They’re ready for challenges and new ideas. It’s also a great time to prepare them for the tech-centric world they will soon be participating in.

Tweens benefit from practicing important skills such as critical thinking and creative collaboration. They also must develop better verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Not to mention life skills such as leadership and initiative.

They’ll also develop the latest technology knowledge in classes like:

  • Python 
  • Web Design 
  • Unity Game Design 
  • Digital 3D Modeling 
  • Music Production Camp
  • Playwriters Guild
  • Film Studio 
  • Digital Arts
  • Graphic Design 

If you’re thinking about meaningful holiday gifts for the children in your life, consider their activities this summer.

It’s not too early to sign them up for Summer Camps 2022.

Scratch one more thing off your to-do list for “Find some fun enrichment programs for those kids we love.” And the holidays will get a little happier knowing you’ve got summer all wrapped up in a bow.

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