Summer Camps: A Day in the Life of a “Happy Camper”

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Full of fun and discovery every day, summer camps keep kids active, social and learning. With a wide variety of choices in both the physical and educational realms, no two camps are alike and no two days are alike, either. That’s what’s so great about summer camps for kids! 

At KidzToPros’ (KTP) camps, we want families to have an idea about what happy campers can expect. Whether they’re participating in STEM subjects, sports or arts programs, kids have a lot to look forward to each day. 

Summer Camps’ Daily Adventures

So what’s a day like for KTP campers? What kinds of activities do they participate in, and what should they expect to do in various camps? 

Our happy campers spend their days with us engaging in some of the following exercises, depending on which camp they choose. 


Campers may design interactive inventions that can be used or worn. Or, they may consider the story inside them that they want to film or tell in a video game. Young athletes choose teams and determine everyone’s strengths and challenges. The best part of the morning is thinking ahead and making plans for success! 

Playing/Working Independently

In most camps, each camper spends some time playing or working alone. They sit and consider their own ideas for a game, invention or skit. What do they have inside them that wants to come out? How will they make this day the best it can be? 


Using age-appropriate materials, tools and techniques, young engineers begin the process of making their ideas come to life. This occurs in one camp, while in another we see teams building upon skills and learning how to communicate while on the court or field. Performers also build: characters, story arcs, settings and plotlines.The morning continues to bustle with organization and action. 

Peer Partnering

Getting together with a camp mate is a highlight of summer camps. Pairing up allows campers to practice active listening skills, collaboration and cooperation. It also teaches them the values of compromise and empathy. 


Problems will pop up! But no problem is too big for a KTP camper. They brainstorm and discover unique solutions to specific obstacles. This is true whether they’re trying to figure out how to film a particular scene, get that tennis racket back all the way to create the best swing, or learn the right set of codes to create and complete a programming sequence.

Having Lunch with Friends

Every day includes valuable time socializing with good food and new friends. Students talk about their favorite movies, learn about new books or games, share camp successes and struggles, and build memories to last a lifetime. 


STEM campers understand how prototyping, testing, improving, and providing constructive feedback makes every project better. After soccer practice, young players celebrate areas of success and discuss opportunities for improvement. Performers take a look at sketches and figure out plot holes before the big show. Campers learn and grow with each daily lesson. 

Working in Groups

Collaborating as a group, some amazing learning takes place at summer camps for kids. Campers learn firsthand how teams work together to win a game. Or maybe they put on an entertaining production, with actors, producers and a director collaborating. Young scientists and engineers create robots, bridges or 3D movies in groups, as they bounce ideas off one another, taking everyone’s perspective into account. 


Each camper gets to show off what they’ve learned. This might be a new robot or electronic gadget with sensors. It might be an improv sketch or movie with unforgettable characters. Some campers demonstrate new basketball or soccer skills. This is the time for campers to shine! 


Each day includes positive instruction and coaching from our amazing KTP staff. These engaging professionals show kids helpful hints when handling a soccer ball or drawing anime. They might have some experience to share about staying in character or using code to animate robots. They also remain close by, encouraging campers to think through challenges and discover valuable solutions for themselves. 

Hands-on Learning

No day at KidzToPros’ summer camps for kids would be complete without some valuable “learning by doing.” Our campers experience the results of their hard work when the basketball leaves their hands and plunges into the basket. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they speak their lines and make the audience laugh out loud. When STEM campers manipulate 3D shapes to make them look like real-life objects, and then add lighting effects to stun and amaze, there’s no better feeling. Completing activities like these, rather than just reading about them, really drives each lesson home.  

A Day in the Life This Summer

KidzToPros campers enjoy activities like these each day at KTP summer camps. You’ll likely hear amazing stories each evening, as your kids share their days’ activities with you. 

Get your children ready for a fun and memorable summer chock full of new experiences. Click this link, or the one below, to learn more – and make your kids happy campers, too!

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