Ultimate Summer Camp Guide 2022

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Welcome to the Ultimate Summer Camp Guide for 2022! KidzToPros is a leader in providing enriching summer camps that stimulate children’s minds and extend their learning in an atmosphere of fun. It’s not too early to sign up for summer camp! 

If you’re a new parent searching for a meaningful way to help your kids enjoy their summer break, KidzToPros’ summer camps are where it’s at! We provide camps in areas of interest for every child, so you can carry on providing for your family and let us keep your kids engaged when it’s hot out and they’re feeling bored and lethargic.

After all, summer means school’s out and there’s time for all those interests your kids can’t persue during the school year. School curriculums can’t cover it all. Oftentimes that means cutting back on STEM, arts and sports programs. What a shame!  Sending your child to a KidzToPros summer camp keeps them on schedule, moving and mingling with their peers, rather than glued to their screens all day.

What are Summer Camps? 

KidzToPros’ summer camps are one- and two-week adventures where kids immerse themselves in STEM, sports and arts. Kids have fun in endless ways at camp while learning, creating and blowing off steam. 

Here’s some of what we offer, where to find us, and how to prepare.

Camps We Offer

Come get your summer on! In 2022, KidzToPros’ Summer Camps offer: 

  • Robotics: Does your kid love robots and making new things come to life? Check out this one! These camps include Roblox, Minecraft and LEGO Robotics. They’ll have so much fun, they’ll forget they’re learning! 
  • Sports: Tennis, basketball, soccer…they’re so more than just popular sports. They’re also a chance for kids to get active with friends, learn teamwork and cooperation, and get their groove on, either on the field or on the court. 
  • Coding & Game Design: MakerSpace is just one of several options here! Let your child use that love of gaming in a positive and enriching way.
  • Maker & Design Workshop: Future engineers learn how to make structures, electronic gadgets and concepts in a stress-free environment. All hail those little designers! 
  • Creative & Digital Arts: Young artists learn how to fuse creativity with modern technology to draw, sculpt and create priceless works of art. Find out if your future Monet has what it takes!
  • Performing Arts: Campers learn to think quickly and use humor with improvisational exercises while they’re bringing ideas to life at recording or filmmaking camps. This selection encourages the performer in your child to act on their dreams.

Camp Has It All

That’s why KidzToPros’ camps fill a need for interested kids and concerned parents. Our campers don’t miss out on anything. They explore and go on adventures. Kids spend every day discovering and learning. 

We introduce or expand the world of knowledge to include basketball, coding, robotics and creative arts — plus so much more! KidzToPros’ summer camps provide a much needed space for children to work on skills and values that help prepare them for the future, while still enjoying the here and now. 

Campers learn not only academics, but also the values of working with their peers and practicing quality sportsmanship in enjoyable, innovative and safe spaces. High-quality coaches and professional instructors convey their passion for teaching and child development.

Choose KidzToPros’ summer camps so your kids get more out of their summer experience. 

Costs of a KidzToPros Summer Camp Experience

KidzToPros believes every child deserves a great summer camp experience to guide them into the future. However, prices vary by location and age. For example, in the Bay Area, a summer camp featuring MakerSpace and Play It All Sports costs $489 per week. That same camp costs $429 in Dallas-Ft. Worth. (Click here to check out the prices for summer camps in your location.)

HINT: Regardless where you live: **** Save $75 on all on-campus KidzToPros summer camps with code CAMPS-75 on sign-up! You’ll also receive 5% off on each additional camp. Keep reading to find out how to sign up!****

Summer Camp Activities 

Our STEM, arts and sports classes for summer camp 2022 provide your family with multiple choices for fun! 


These innovative programs teach your child how to design and develop games and create interactive stories. Kids also build programmable circuits, robots and more! Where else could they do that?

KidzToPros provides a wide variety of STEM programs so your children get started preparing for a high-tech future. Our goal: providing campers with a fun path for every student by accelerating the development of quality STEM skills, such as beginning robotics, coding and circuitry, or advanced courses in game design, machine learning and electronics.


KidzToPros packs their visual and digital arts programs with multiple avenues for exploring and developing kids’ creative potential.

Summer camp presents a great way to help kids express themselves creatively. After all, ideas they’ve only imagined previously come to life at camp! Our arts programs encourage imaginative thinking and inspire your child to look at the world from new and different perspectives.


Multiple studies show that physical activities improve a child’s mental health and academic skills. Sports also help kids develop self-confidence and improve coordination, helping children stay active, fit and strong. 

KidzToPros’ sports programs ignite a love of sports and teamwork. Our coaches stay positive when teaching the fundamentals of tennis, basketball or soccer. Kids also learn proper techniques, skills, strategies and rules of the game. 

But most importantly, we emphasize the importance of mindful play. This includes areas of leadership, teamwork, respect for others, not giving up, and being kind to one another.

How to Prepare for KidzToPros’ Summer Camp

Are your kids ready to rock summer camp? Get them excited, and use these 7 tips to properly prepare for the fun ahead!

1. Visit the pediatrician before camp.

If your child hasn’t had a recent annual exam, including being up to date with all vaccinations, schedule an appointment before summertime gets here. We want your child healthy and ready to participate in all scheduled activities.

2. Review clear and fair expectations.

As we get closer to the end of school and the summer months lie ahead, talk with your child about what to expect at KidzToPros’ summer camps. Remind them about the importance of drinking plenty of water, following safety procedures and cooperating with their peers.

3. Keep an inventory list.

KidzToPros will provide a list of what parents should pack for camp each day. Go over it ahead of time to make sure you have all the necessary items. Label each item with your child’s full name. Remember to include any allergy meds, water, sunscreen and bug spray. But leave valuables at home.

4. Review KidzToPros’ updated medical policies.

If your child has allergies or must take special medications, communicate with KidzToPros ahead of time. Make sure the camp instructors know about any special health needs. This includes medications, how they should be administered and any appropriate health conditions.

5. Check in with your kid periodically.

Talk to your child to assess their mood. Are they excited or nervous? Encourage them to talk about it. Tell them it’s normal to feel apprehensive about a change to their routine or schedule. Help them focus on what they’re looking forward to most about camp.

6. Pack a small reminder of home.

When you’re packing the required items for your children to take each day, include an item that reminds them of home. A little note or favorite snack will help them feel a sense of comfort as they are trying new things. 

7. Prep for a drama-free drop-off.

Don’t hold everyone up when dropping your child off at KidzToPros’ summer camp, especially on the first day. Stay positive and happy, say a quick goodbye and try to enjoy some personal time on your own. Your child is up for this!

How Long Is Summer Camp? 

One- and Two-Week Camps

What’s one of the best things about summer camps? They guide kids to enjoy taking calculated risks and encourage them to try something new; experiences they don’t have the opportunity to touch during the school year; adventures they might not otherwise choose. 

KidzToPros’ one- and two-week summer camps encourage creative thinking and using imagination to grow. Campers choose their favorite sports like basketball or tennis. Then the options are almost limitless, as they try offerings like STEM camps and explore game design, virtual reality, or 3D modeling. Who knows; they may even find a new area of interest they didn’t know they enjoyed!

Each day at camp reigns differently, depending on the type of KidzToPros summer camp you’ve chosen for your child. However, the overall activity times are fairly consistent each day. In order to help parents plan, this schedule gives you an idea what your child might expect from a daily camp schedule. 

Times and Sample Schedule

Pre-care / Check-In: 8:30 AM – 9:00 AM

Do you need to start the day a bit early to get to work on time? No problem. Take advantage of pre-care. It’s available from 8:30 AM to 9 AM every day of camp.

Camp and Warm-Up begins: 9:00 AM – 9:15 AM

Camp begins with a fun warm-up game. This gets the campers ready for the day ahead both physically and mentally. Instructors encourage kids to use this time making new friends and getting to know them a bit.

Camp-Specific Activity: 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

This is when the chosen STEM, arts or sports activity of the day takes place. No matter what camp you or your child select, instructors lead activities during this time that spark creativity, physical activity and critical thinking.

Snack Time: 10:15 AM – 10:30 AM

By this time, campers sport an appetite! They enjoy this free time to re-energize and connect with friends. 

Camp-Specific Activity: 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Kids enjoy more fun with their STEM, arts or sports activity of the day. They dive deeper into the lesson and have a great time while they’re at it.

Lunch: 12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Students savor free time to socialize and eat a delicious meal with friends. 

Campers’ Choice Activity: 12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

Outdoor time gives campers an opportunity to blow off some steam after lunch. Instructors and coaches remain on hand to model safety and respect. Kids get energized before the next fun-filled activity inside.

Camp-Specific Activity: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

More enrichment with the chosen STEM, arts or sports activity follows. Instructors engage with kids to answer questions, encourage out-of-the-box thinking, and safe risk-taking to try new ideas. Campers learn and grow more confident with every adventure. 

Break Time: 2:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Campers take a moment to connect with friends, refill water bottles and/or eat a snack. 

Camp-Specific Activity: 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM

Campers finish up their chosen STEM, arts or sports activity of the day. Instructors and coaches answer any last-minute questions or concerns.

Project Sharing & Clean-Up: 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM

Campers showcase their skills, talents and projects by the end of the day. They talk about their activities and lessons learned. Then they say goodbye to friends before heading home.

Post-Care / Check-Out: 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Day camp ends, but that doesn’t mean the fun is over! For working parents who need a bit more time at the end of the day, a one-hour extended care begins now with structured activities.

Parent & Camper FAQs

How does drop-off and pick-up work? 

KidzToPros makes dropping off and picking up your kid for summer camp easy-breezy! 

Summer Camp Drop-Off Guide 

1. Make contact with your camp director. 

2. Stand behind the tape placed on the ground behind the check-in desk. This helps keep the 6-ft. COVID distancing plan in place. 

3. Remain in your car if you’re dropping off the kids curbside. 

4. Teachers greet campers, take temperatures and offer hand sanitizer.

5. The camp director checks in those with normal temps.

6. Campers placed in groups spaced six feet apart. 

7. Morning check-in activities vary but take place from 9 AM to 9:15 AM to keep kids engaged while they wait. 

8. After check-in, campers shadow their assigned instructors and begin the day. 

Summer Camp Pick-Up Guide

1. Campers line up in the same area as the morning drop-off. 

2. Campers stay with their specific camp instructors spaced six feet apart. As kids from the front get collected, this frees up space to bring out more kids. 

3. Instructors dismiss campers one by one to their designated adults, while checking them out on the app. 

When Parents Run Late

It happens. Sometimes parents get held up due to work, heavy traffic or family emergencies. Please let KidzToPros’ instructors know ahead of time, if possible, when you’re running late, or at least call us with an update if the unexpected happens. 

We do not leave children alone under any circumstances. Our instructors and coaches wait until authorized caretakers pick up the child. However, there is a $5 per minute charge for late pick-ups (non-negotiable), starting five minutes after the session’s end time.

What Should Campers Bring with Them?

In order to protect campers from food-borne illnesses, we ask that each camper bring the following items to camp each day: 

Please apply sunscreen to your child each morning prior to their arrival at camp. We recommend that you also send a bottle of extra sunscreen with your child so they can re-apply throughout the day as needed.

Qualities That Make a Great Summer Camp

Wondering what makes KidzToPros parents’ choice for camp this year? Some of the reasons include: 

Partnerships with Schools & Community Parks and Recs Centers 

KidzToPros partners with over 300 schools and parks and recs associations to provide quality summer camp opportunities to kids, both on-campus and online.

Support for Parents

KidzToPros created a technology platform that helps parents manage each day and stay on top of their children’s progress.

A Camp for Every Kid

KidzToPros provides a variety of themes, activities and topics to engage every child.

World-Class Curriculum

Lesson plans engage and challenge kids to try new things and do their best. 

Inspiring Instructors, Teachers and Coaches

We thoroughly background check our highly trained team of experienced educators and subject-matter experts. We also COVID-19 test to ensure a safe, top-tier educational experience for all children.

COVID Protocols

The health and safety of our campers and staff takes priority at camp. During this long pandemic, KidzToPros successfully hosted more than 1,500 kids at on-campus summer and seasonal camps each year. We continue to follow the respective state and county COVID-19 guidelines at each of our camp locations. 

Review the protocols implemented at KidzToPros’ on-campus camps on our FAQ page.

Sign Up Your Kids For Summer Camp Now!

Our camps fill up fast! It’s not too early to secure a place for your child at a KidzToPros summer camp near you. 

Create Your Account on the KidzToPros Website 

Click here to create your account and get started toward planning a great summer camp experience for your child! 

Use the Locator

Click here to find the best KidzToPros summer camp near you. 

Save Some Money

****Remember: Save $75 on all on-campus KidzToPros summer camps with code CAMPS-75. You’ll also receive 5% off on each additional camp!****

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

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