Ways to Remember Summer Memories

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During the summer, families spend more time together so naturally they make a lot of memories. For instance, consider these past few months. Many of you have been taking vacations, playing at the beach or hanging out at the pool. Kids attend summer camp or just relax with friends in the backyard. Years from now, you will look back at these memories and smile. Therefore documenting them can show your children these are moments to be treasured. Here are ways to preserve the fun you have during the summer – and all year long.

Utilize technology

Online diaries or blogs

Many options exist for parents who want to create family blogs or online diaries. Summertime is a great time to start one! When your kids say something funny or memorable, write it down. Post pictures and stories. Then you can keep these private or share with friends and family. Many blogs are free, or you can pay a nominal fee for extras like newsletters and discussion boards.

Social media

Many social media channels allow you to document memories and control privacy settings. For instance, Facebook has a monthly Life Events feature. Instagram is another popular choice. Families create their own TikTok channels to record and save memorable moments caught on camera. These are also great ways to keep in touch during summer break and on vacations.

Make a movie

Dozens of popular apps and programs allow you to easily make movies out of your memories. Blend media formats together using music, photographs and home videos to create something unique.

Old school


Encourage your children to unplug and write down their own memories in a diary. Many come with locks for privacy. Kids can do this while on road trips or in airplanes. It can even be a good activity while attending summer camp. Diaries also help them to sort through their thoughts without a screen in front of them, practice handwriting and improve writing skills.


Parents and older kids write in journals to remember touching moments, meaningful conversations and inner thoughts. An added bonus – reading a parent’s thoughts about their children and shared experiences is a wonderful legacy to leave behind for future generations.


Scrapbooks are like photo albums with more than just pictures. Include comments, inserts, ribbons won at camp, or certificates of achievement. Design each page and be creative as you write specific memories for each important event.


Get the family together at the beach at sunset. Or maybe around the pool. These can be professional sessions with coordinated outfits or impromptu gatherings that you just have to capture. Most summer camps take pictures of campers in action. Be sure to ask the camp director, they’ll usually share copies with parents.

Arts & Crafts


Buy blank canvases, large or small. Maybe plain white shirts or aprons. Include some basic blue, yellow and red paints which can easily blend to create green and purple. The next time it rains, get these supplies out of the closet. Kids can dip their hands into the paint and document handprints along with original art to go with it. Make this an annual summer activity and watch those hands grow over time. Some parents even frame these canvases to display around the house.

Memory Jar

Clean out a sauce jar and let your kids decorate the front. Fill it with sand or seashells from every beach you visit throughout the years. Or maybe movie tickets, theme park guides, a patch from camp or page from your child’s favorite book. Then display the jar where you can enjoy it. These are keepsakes that you want to treasure forever.

Memory Boxes and Frames

If you have keepsakes and trinkets that won’t fit inside a jar, consider a memory box instead. Or frames often start at 5X7 and can get as big as you like. Parents put pictures inside, sure, but you can also include larger seashells, hats, pennants from favorite sports teams, ribbons, and larger certificates. Some kids even want to include their favorite jersey from playing soccer or basketball.

Milestone Markers

Photographs and comments on decorative index cards can be used to detail milestones as kids grow. These aren’t just for babies when they say their first words or take their first steps. Create a card for the first time they score a goal. The first time they created a robot. The first 3D video game they designed. Make it up as you go along!

Around the house

Trophy Display

Create a special place in the house for children’s awards, plaques and trophies. This can be a corner of your home office or an entire guest room. If you have enough space, consider displaying jerseys, caps and other camp or team memorabilia as well.

Monthly displays

From May through September, pick a monthly memory and photograph. Do this to celebrate each child or make this a family display and allow the kids to create their own. Pick a place to showcase whatever is chosen – such as a bulletin board or the front of the refrigerator. Be sure to keep these displays after Labor Day for a scrapbook, blog post or USB drive. Then compare summer adventures every year!

Preserve memories for later use

Designate a closet or portion of the attic for items you don’t want to throw or give away. Special pieces of clothing or maybe a favorite book. Perhaps your daughter placed first at a science camp and you can’t bear to throw away the winning project. Anything that means something to you and your family. Store them and when your children leave home, these items can be a comfort to you. Display them in your child’s old bedroom or playroom. Tangible memories help empty nesters feel a sense of warmth and love. They are able to hold onto treasured memories they never want to forget.

Documenting stories and keeping a few important items make kids, young or old, feel like their experiences were valuable ones. These are ways to not only remember summer memories, but all the memories you make together as a family.

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