What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?

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If you’re staring out the window at snow and sleet, or just some cold weather, don’t let it get you down. Summer will be here before you know it. Planning ahead for a great one just might make you feel better when it doesn’t seem like it’ll ever be warm again. Here are some fun summer bucket list items to look forward to:

Outside Summer Fun

Plan a backyard party with your family. 

Spend the day outside, doing anything.

Have a bonfire, toast some s’mores and keep it safe.

Check out a county fair.

Ride your bike ride around your town.

Go swimming. A lot.

Go to a sports game. This can be a professional team, minor league or local “for fun” games in neighborhoods.

Attend a 5k or other race and cheer them on.

Visit a nature center.

Find a river and swim/tube/kayak/canoe.

Fly a kite on a beach or wide open field.

Catch fireflies together.

Make your own hammock and fall asleep for a daytime nap.

Watch the clouds and see what shapes you can find.

Visit a new playground.

Play water games.

Play miniature golf.

Visit a farm.

Sleep under the stars.

Watch fireworks on Independence Day.

Pick strawberries, blueberries or oranges.

Watch the sunset or sunrise.

Grill outside – whether it’s your porch or a local park.

Go backpacking or hiking.

Gather around the firepit and tell fun stories.

Skip rocks in a nearby lake.

Learn how to swim or scuba dive.

Go on a camping trip, even if it’s in your backyard.

Go fishing.

Clean up a local park or beach area.

Day Trips

Find a place nearby that you’ve never visited and make it a priority to get there.

Look up places where you can go on a tank of gas or less. Then go!

Visit a farmer’s market to try a new or unusual vegetable. See if they let you milk the cows or pick eggs to buy and take home.

Plan a road trip without phones or internet.

Visit a state or national park. See how many animals, birds or insects you can find.

Go to an amusement park.

Cool off at a waterpark.

Foodie Alerts

Make s’mores, even if it’s indoors.

Go out for a fancy breakfast date.

Start your own garden.

Make one day a month a Kids Cook Everything Day.

Make homemade pizza.

Visit a local ice cream shop or find an ice cream truck.

Make homemade fruit popsicles.

Buy fresh food at a local farm.

Find a restaurant that serves food you’ve never tried and give it a go!

Make homemade ice cream and eat it for dinner one night.

Go meat-free for a week to promote more veggies in your diet.

For Rainy Days

Find a list of best books for this year and read one.

Learn new board games.

Have an indoor campout or picnic.

Build a fort in an empty or semi-empty room.

Go bowling.

Visit an aquarium.

Have a staycation and sleepover in a fun, fancy, boutique hotel.

Visit animals at a local shelter.

Visit your local library.

Make your own family newsletter.

Play in the rain.

Make Some Money to Fund Your Summer Bucket List

Host a garage or yard sale.

Host a lemonade stand and use the profits for something fun.

Enjoy the Arts

Attend a music festival.

Find a classic summer book for kids and have them act it out.

Check out discounted or family movies at a local movie theater. 

Check out classics shown at a vintage movie house, too!

Write a story or play to read/act out for friends either nearby or far away.

Go to an art museum or show. Support local artists by purchasing something for under $20, or whatever your budget will allow.  

Get together with friends and exchange a list of must-see movies. Then plan a movie festival where you get together remotely or in person to watch a few of them each month.

Go to a concert.

Use Your Hands

Take group pictures and make homemade frames to decorate the house.

Create a time capsule.

Experiment with fun science ideas.

Make friendship bracelets.

Build something, such as a treehouse, sandcastle or dog house.

Make your own tie-dyed shirts.

Make bird feeders.

Paint some rocks with positive messages.Then place them around your neighborhood or park.

Make sun catchers or wind chimes to decorate your porch.

Make paper airplanes, cars or boats.

Designate the first day of June-August as Arts & Crafts Day.

Create original sidewalk chalk art.

For Your KidsSummer Bucket List

Go to a children’s museum.

Do a family scavenger hunt.

Plan a family or friend reunion.

Sign up for in-person summer camps.

Make giant bubbles.

Celebrate Father’s Day to let dad know he’s loved.

Surprise mom or dad at work with a take-out lunch.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

Host a community picnic.

Volunteer somewhere. Find an allied organization and help out for a day.

Watch a parade or make your own to celebrate healthcare workers in your neighborhood.

Organize a block party.

Do one random act of kindness each week. 

Visit a retirement home and read books to residents.

Support a local business. Buy at an independent bookstore. Eat at a food truck. Look for clothes at a consignment shop or yard sale. See what you can find!

Get the neighborhood kids together to play kickball.

Make sun tea and drink it outside with friends or neighbors.

Feed Your Brain

Find a penpal from another country.

Start a summer journal.

Join a local reading program.

Learn how to meditate.

Start learning a new language.

Teach your kids Sudoku or other brain exercises.

Form a book club.

Learn a new skill such as knitting or car maintenance.

Attend story time at the library or local bookstore.

Get Adventurous

Ride a Ferris Wheel or amusement park ride.

Ride in a hot air balloon.

Learn how to ride a horse. Feed them apples and carrots afterward.

Find a local meetup that sounds interesting and meet new people.

Go parasailing.

Sign up for an online summer camp.

Get through cold winter days looking forward to fun summer bucket list adventures. Happy planning! 

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