Why Summer STEM Camps for Teens?

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Does your teenager enjoy innovation, invention and technology? If so, they’d probably enjoy courses in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which teach students valuable life skills such as programming, planning, building, experimenting and problem-solving. Since qualities like these help set kids up for a successful future, KidzToPros (KTP) partners with families to give teens the tools necessary to thrive in our world through STEM camps.

STEM information empowers teenagers, preparing them for our complex, interconnected, ever-changing world. If we want our economy to keep up, we must innovate – starting with our youngest members. We need our young adults equipped with a strong foundation of knowledge based in STEM solutions.

Why Parents Should Send Their Teens to Summer STEM Camps 

Learning shouldn’t stop when schools close over the summer. In fact, KTP camps for teens ensure kids keep learning all summer long in an enjoyable and memorable environment. Our camps teach STEM concepts through hands-on exploration outside a traditional classroom structure. We also involve students in creating technology such as games and robots to get them thinking beyond high school and into the future. 

Read on for more benefits of enrolling your teenagers in STEM camps.

Get Beyond Basic

Most schools teach basic STEM concepts, but teens enjoy very limited time during the school year to explore them. There’s also not much time to get into hands-on learning. KTP camps review basic STEM concepts – and then kick it up a notch. Our real-time scenarios get young adults collaborating with peers and critically thinking through solutions to solve problems by applying what they know. 

Better Their Lives

STEM-focused camps help teenagers better relate to their peers and understand different life views. These camps host hundreds of youngsters from diverse populations, which helps prepare teens for a diversified future in the modern world. Observe how your teen broadens their communication skills, both verbally and non-verbally, while they work as a team to overcome challenges in our summer STEM camps.

Open Doors

STEM is literally the wave of the future. Getting your teens interested in science, technology, engineering and math provides them with hundreds of subjects and majors as they go through undergraduate and graduate classes after high school. Then they’re ready for any number of financially stable career paths. It all starts with summer camp! 

Promote Personal Growth

Activities during these camps for teens often inspire them to explore areas they never would have considered before. In a KTP camp, kids develop confidence when stepping outside their comfort zone. When they view mistakes as vital to learning, they increase self-esteem and perseverance – creating endless possibilities for themselves. 

What Teens Learn at STEM Camps

Kids broaden their minds at KTP camps and learn some of the following skills and ideals:

  • Diversity and expansion of thought and values
  • Valuable experience creating, coding and programming
  • Introduction to, and understanding of, changing technology pathways
  • Innovation that includes everyone
  • Solutions to current societal problems
  • Unique perspectives that lead to better applications, tools and software

KTP STEM Camp Options

Following are some of our most popular and exciting STEM camps for teens. Review them with your teenager, then find even more on our website!

Web Design 1 & 2: Interactive Web Pages + Multi-page Sites: Campers create dynamic, visually-appealing websites by considering layout, responsive pages, dynamic content & more. 

3D Modeling (3D Character Design & Animation): Campers create their own characters, environment and objects used in video games.

Python Programming and Game Design: In week one, teens learn foundational programming skills and in week two, they go deeper with data structures and game logic. 

Arduino Circuits & Science: Campers learn the science behind some common household technology, while building their own prototypes.

And so much more…

It’s Never Too Late!

Lots of kids start learning code, programming or game design at a young age. However, if you have teenagers who’ve only recently demonstrated an interest in STEM, it’s not too late for them to get into this exciting field! Technology constantly moves forward – and relies on a steady stream of young people to get involved and add their own brand of knowledge. 

Unlike those of their younger counterparts, teenage brains require solid connections, rather than just new pathways. At KTP summer STEM camps, tireless professionals with backgrounds in STEM and teaching help older kids learn in ways that fit and mold those evolving brains.

The STEM skills your teens learn at camp benefit them in high school, college and the working world. They might even determine your teenager’s future career! Discover KTP camps for teens now, and begin broadening their horizons today. 

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