Why “Wonder Robotics” Is The Must-Try Summer Camp Activity for Preschoolers

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Summer camp and Wonder Robotics is a match made in heaven.

During the regular school year, most young children have a lot going on. They’re busy with preschool, sports, and various enrichment activities. Sometimes parents have to actually pencil in “time to play.”

It’s a complicated world. As a result, parents are under a great deal of pressure to look around at all the options and determine the best subjects and interests to bring into the home. 

Wanting to expose children’s bright little minds to every wonderful thing imaginable starts early. For instance, when babies are still lying in their cribs, caregivers search for mobiles to trigger out-of-the-box (or playpen) thinking patterns.

This doesn’t ease up as children grow. If anything, it seems like the need to cover everything just gets more intense.  

Before elementary school starts, parents feel time running out. They want to introduce their babies to some of those topics that don’t fit neatly into sports, arts or basic educational categories. Summer camp is a great way to do that.

What about technology? STEM? Programming and code?

According to University of the People, young children are especially open to learning new things. They don’t have an adult’s inhibitions. Therefore, learning languages, mathematics and scientific equations are much less of a chore. 

Children aren’t set in their ways yet either. They are naturally observant and tend to ask a lot of questions. Preschoolers accept new ideas and run with them. 

They also have more free time in the summer to explore areas of interest. So why not let them? 

Like any other subject matter, computer science is typically introduced by a supportive parent or caregiver. In other words, these loving adults nurture knowledge in their children. That’s how anything takes root. 

The happiest and most successful children investigate new subjects without stress. Let them play; don’t expect a particular outcome. They should experience learning for learning’s sake.  

Besides, at a young age, unnecessary pressure can cause a backlash. They may reject the lesson or new information if they feel a parent’s frustration. Preschoolers often give up an activity if it stops being fun. 

Is there a way to help our children get a leg-up on computer science without bogging them down or burning them out?

Is there a way to spark an interest while keeping the lesson breezy, light and fun? After all, they’re preschoolers .

Yes, there are plenty of ways for kids to enjoy this type of learning and actually have fun. 

Let them take the lead and try not to insist they stick with any one thing for too long. It’s perfectly normal for preschoolers to lose interest after a few minutes. 

Brain Balance Centers assures teachers and parents, after six to twelve minutes, kids between 2-4 years of age are ready to move on to something else. 

Allowing children to explore the vast world of knowledge in a stress-free environment will result in better social-emotional outcomes. Those are the children who see learning as fun. Preschoolers in such a setting often liken the world of knowledge to one giant adventure.  

Wonder Robotics, coming soon to a summer camp and after-school program near you, can help you get started.

The newest team sport.

Using real robots, apps and curriculum – Wonder Robotics is a hit with preschoolers. This exciting curriculum teaches young children the fun and basics of what is fast becoming a vital literacy: coding. They do this while encouraging healthy competition. Players work together toward a shared objective.

No experience is necessary for this hands-on approach to win with kids. They don’t need to understand computer science. Curiosity and supportive instructors are all that’s needed for kids to program robots and watch them go!

Parents are blown away, too.

Preschoolers use a coding language and complete puzzles to discover ways the robots can function. Moms and dads with no prior knowledge of programming watch their children soak up this information and put it to work immediately. 

The robots to do all kinds of stuff. As the young users advance through commands, they learn to control lights and sounds, colors and special effects along with movements.

Why is Wonder Robotics so great?

  • The various apps spark curiosity and excitement. Some teach about loops and algorithms while other apps mobilize the robots and create obstacle courses for them to complete.
  • Kids learn the importance of teamwork. Campers must listen to each other and cooperate. They take turns and practice patience. This is the only way to successfully make their robots come alive.
  • The robotics and programming sessions also teach creative thinking and problem-solving. There is a list of realistic deliverables that the robots are quite capable of doing. But getting the robots to show off all they can accomplish requires kids to think about these simple tasks in a new way.
  • Kid-friendly and challenging at the same time. Younger kids do not need any kind of coding experience with Wonder Robotics. They will quickly get into the fun of these apps and special effects. They do this while engaged in lessons according to age, subject level and interest.
  • Sense of accomplishment. Even young students feel pride in themselves after a job well done. The enthusiasm is palpable. Above all, they understand and enjoy watching what they’ve accomplished. When programming robots that can actually move and do things, it’s impossible not to be impressed.
  • Learning a new language through play. Having fun helps cement the lessons. So kids don’t even realize they’re learning, they’re just becoming more comfortable in an exciting world of programming.

In short, Wonder Robotics is bored-proof with thousands of puzzles to unlock the mysteries of what these robots can do. When kids practice at improving particular skills, it helps that the lessons are a series of games. Teams and friends are cheering each other on. 

Instructors provide guidance and encouragement along the way. And the constructive feedback is always positive. This helps children to stick with it and see the value in overcoming challenges. 

Where can I find the best programs that teach Wonder Robotics?

KidztoPros combines Wonder Robotics and Play It All! Sports to create a summer camp experience that is truly unique. Using Dash, a dynamic STEM robot, kids are formed into teams of up to 5 individuals and will learn how to program their way through a series of increasingly complex missions. During Play It All! Sports, kids play fun games to learn the basics of basketball, soccer, and more.

During the school year, students can enroll in KidzToPros Wonder League Robotics after-school program. 


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