KidzToPros’ Holiday Camps: The Ultimate Guide

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Getting ready for a holiday break and not sure what to do with your children? KidzToPros has the solution: Holiday camps! Incorporating daily courses in STEM, the arts and sports, holiday camps combine multiple, skill-building pathways so kids don’t have to choose what they study. Instead, they get to experience a variety of different courses that hold their interest, introduce new topics and help them find their passions!

Why Parents Should Consider Holiday Camps

Parents nationwide face the challenges of bored kids every year, as school doors close and children go on interim breaks. 

Left alone to languish at home, many kids get restless when they’re out of school and off-schedule. But knowing what to do in these situations helps ease minds and calm frustrations. 

While parents plan for family gatherings, holiday trips and household guests, KidzToPros’ holiday camps pick up where school leaves off with personalized learning and small-group instruction. 

Over several days each holiday break, we immerse students in inspirational, skill-building courses that keep them active, curious, learning and creating. This gives parents the freedom they need to take care of other things, without sacrificing their children’s academic or social endeavors.

Kids enjoying kidztopros holiday camp

Benefits for Kids

At KidzToPros, we promote safety, reliability and opportunity. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to improve the academic and social lives of children and help close the learning gap for ALL students. 

Our holiday camps do just that. With multiple days available for learning and growing during school breaks, our holiday enrichment programs concentrate students into groups of 12 or less for maximum results. Run by professional and passionate educators that attract students’ best, kids love our holiday camps because it gives them an opportunity to learn and have fun outside the normal school day.

Besides skill-building, innovating and creating, kids also reap the following benefits at KTP holiday camps:

  • Staying on Schedule: Keep sleep and play schedules consistent 
  • Socializing with Peers: Collaborate with friends to solve problems and have fun
  • Expanding Personal Growth & Development: Find new areas of interest and deepen skills in others
  • Mentoring by Positive Role Models: Challenge students to do their best and apply what they learn, at both school and home
A camp instructor with the kids at kidztopros holiday camp

Benefits for Parents

Not convinced yet? Well, guess what? Young people aren’t the only ones who benefit from holiday camps! Many parents also look forward to them each year because they help with:

  • Eliminating Worry & Guilt: Let our instructors handle the kids while you’re busy!
  • Keeping a Set, Daily Agenda: Preserves sleeping and activity schedules, which also leads to emotional stability
  • Advancing Students Academically: Teaches skill-building coursework and reinforces school-learned academics
  • Juggling Work and Other Responsibilities: Helps you prioritize your schedule, home and work life
  • Saving Money on Caretakers: Eliminates paying someone to watch your kids
A boy using a laptop at kidztopros holiday camp

Eligibility for Camps

We accept students from 5 to 11, or Kindergarten through 5th grade, in our holiday camp enrichment programs. Students sign up for one of several holidays, and meet for two to five days, depending on the length of the school break.

Yearly Holiday Camps

If you’re wondering about which holidays KidzToPros offers its skill-building enrichment camps, we’ve provided a detailed list below. 

Kidztopros yearly holiday camps
Girl enjoying the kidztopros holiday camps

Camp Schedule: What to Expect 

KidzToPros’ holiday camps meet for two to five consecutive days during the hours of 9 AM to 3 PM, depending on the length of each break. This daily schedule closely imitates school schedules, allowing children the consistency of set learning hours.

Each day, students participate in one STEM, one arts and one sports activity. Each activity lasts one to one-and-a-half hours. Courses rotate from day to day within each pathway so kids get a chance to complete each course activity before moving on to the next.

For further details on the daily holiday camp schedule and what your child should expect, please see the information below.

Kidztopros holiday camp schedule 2022-23

Camp Procedures: What Parents Should Know

When kids arrive at holiday camps, a KidzToPros staff member checks them in on the KTP app. That triggers an email to parents so they know their child has arrived safely. From that time until an instructor or director checks them back out to a parent, guardian or another designated adult at the end of the day, we constantly monitor and supervise each student.

Students may bring their lunches and afternoon snacks to help maintain their energy while learning. We encourage parents to pack healthy options that are easy to eat. 

Once the day ends, instructors walk children outside, where parents pick them up. At that point, instructors check each child out one by one and hand them off. This again triggers a parent email notification indicating that sign-out has been completed and hand-off has occurred.

If and when a staff member needs to reach a parent regarding their child, they do so by email, text or phone. Parents may feel free to respond in kind. Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date in your child’s account so we may reach you, whenever necessary. This includes canceled holiday camps at particular schools and behavior problems staff members need to discuss with parents.

Girl doing arts at kidztopros holiday camp
A child learning and enjoying at the kidztopros holiday camp

Combining Multiple Skill-Building Pathways

The best thing about KTP holiday camps is that kids don’t have to choose just one pathway – they get to experience all three! 

Therefore, a child who enjoys playing or programming video games also gets the opportunity to learn drawing or crafting. This, in turn, may help them better their video game creation skills.

A sports nut who lives and breathes soccer may learn how to recreate those moves in Makerspace. A slam-dunker may find they enjoy creating robots that score those hoops.

A little artist may find that practicing a new sport they didn’t know they enjoyed inspires them to create or paint something amazing. 

The possibilities are nearly endless!

A boy with the instructor at kidztopros holiday camp

Program Activities: STEM, Arts & Sports 

As school breaks approach, we’d like to encourage you to enroll your children in KTP holiday camps, where they’ll experience some of the following courses:

A boy using a tablet at kidztopos holiday camp

STEM: Robotics, Coding & Engineering

  • LEGO Robotics
  • Makerspace
  • Scratch Coding
  • Wonder Robotics

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Girl doing arts with the instructor at kidztopros holiday camp

Arts: Creative Crafting

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Origami

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Kid playing football at kidztopros holiday camp

Sports: FUNdamentals – Drills, Coaching & Skill-Building

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Hockey

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A boy with a football at kidztopros holiday camp

KidzToPros’ Holiday Camps: Do It for Your Kids

We hope this ultimate guide to holiday camps helps relieve some of the pressure associated with your kids’ school breaks. By taking advantage of KidzToPros’ enrichment opportunities, you and your children can enjoy time off like never before. 

Prepare now for upcoming holidays with holiday camps from KidzToPros. Register now to keep your kids happy, active and learning – then enjoy the holidays guilt-free!

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