KidzToPros’ Thanksgiving Camps: A Must-Do for Students

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Getting ready to bake the turkey, throw pies in the oven and sit down to a feast on Thanksgiving day? Millions of people are doing just that. Equally important, schools will soon let out, leaving students across the country at home for the holidays. Are you prepared to keep yours busy? If you’ve registered your kids for Thanksgiving camps with KidzToPros, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” If not, this guide will put you on the path toward a relaxing and peaceful holiday experience with Thanksgiving camps 2022.

Thanksgiving Holidays: Fantasy or Reality?

A happy black family enjoying meal on the dining table at home

Picture this wonderful sight:

  • Kids cooperatively helping parents run errands
  • Children taking out the trash at home without being asked 
  • Youngsters assisting happily in the kitchen
  • Everyone sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner in their best clothes 

Sounds amazing, right? But are those expectations realistic?

For some parents, the answer is yes. Their children actually enjoy spending days on end with mom, dad, grampie and nana. On the flip side, for many, that’s just a fantasy that actually looks more like this: 

  • Kids sleeping late
  • Children playing video games on their screens all day
  • Youngsters spending endless hours sparring with siblings
  • Students coming to the table in their pajamas and slippers for Thanksgiving dinner

Sound familiar? Rest assured: you’re not alone!

Students with the instructor at the Kidztopros Thanksgiving Camp

Advantages for Parents and Kids

We’ve got good news! KidzToPros runs Thanksgiving camps for two main reasons: First, to give bored kids an outlet for their creative and social energies; and second, to provide exhausted and struggling parents the time and space to carry on –  without the mental and emotional stresses holidays often bring.

What does this mean? Parents can plan for family gatherings, holiday trips and household guests. KidzToPros’ Thanksgiving day camps take care of the rest. We pick up where school leaves off, with personalized learning and small-group instruction in STEM, the arts and sports.

If you’d like to immerse your students in inspirational, skill-building courses that keep them active, curious, learning and creating, KidzToPros’ Thanksgiving camps 2022 is the way to go! 

Kids have fun learning and collaborating with peers. They enjoy experiencing new things and extending their education from the classroom right into the comfort of home. Most importantly, parents rest easy knowing their kids are taken care of – while they enjoy the freedom to do other things.

Thanksgiving camps turn fantasy into reality, allowing you to prepare for the holidays ahead of time! Register your children, and let us set them up with caring, trained instructors who will push them to the limits of creativity, cooperation, and problem-solving –  invaluable skills that will benefit them for years to come.

Students with Hula hoop at the Kidztopros Thanksgiving Camp

Who Can Attend?

KidzToPros accepts students from 5 to 11, or Kindergarten through 5th grade, in our Thanksgiving camp enrichment programs. Students sign up online, and meet for two to three days, depending on the length of their school’s holiday break.

The Thanksgiving Week Schedule

There are some things you should know about the KidzToPros’ Thanksgiving camps schedule.

First, camps run for two or three days consecutively, just before Thanksgiving.

Second, camp hours are 9 AM to 3 PM. This daily timetable closely imitates school schedules, allowing children the consistency of set learning hours.

Third, students participate in one STEM, one arts and one sports activity daily, with each activity lasting one to one-and-a-half hours.

Finally, courses rotate from day to day within each pathway. As a result, kids get a chance to complete each course activity before moving on to the next. 

Kids at a snack break at Kidztopros Thanksgiving Camp

For more details on the daily camp schedule, please see the information below.

KidzToPros Thanksgiving Camp Daily Schedule

Camp Processes: Keeping Parents Informed

Now, for camp details.

First, kids arrive at Thanksgiving camps in 2022. Second, a KidzToPros staff member immediately checks them in on the KTP app. Third, parents receive an email that their child has arrived safely. Fourth, an instructor or director releases them to a designated adult at the end of the day. Fifth, a staff member checks them out on the app. We constantly monitor and supervise each student all day long.

Students may bring lunches and afternoon snacks to help maintain their energy while learning. We encourage parents to pack healthy options that are easy to eat. 

At 3PM, instructors walk children outside, where parents pick them up. At that point, instructors check each child out one by one and hand them off. This again triggers a parent email notification indicating that sign-out has been completed and hand-off has occurred.

If a staff member needs to reach a parent regarding their child, they email, text or call them. This includes canceled Thanksgiving camps at particular schools and behavior problems staff members need to discuss with parents. Parents may feel free to respond in kind. For this reason, please be sure to keep your contact information up to date in your child’s account so we may reach you, whenever necessary.

Kids performing arts with the instructor at the KidzToPros Thanksgiving Camp

What Kids Learn at Thanksgiving Camps: The Specifics

What’s the best thing about KTP Thanksgiving camps? Students aren’t limited to just STEM, the arts or sports – they get to experience all three! 

To help you discern exactly what your kids will be learning each day according to pathway, enjoy this informational, daily breakdown by grade level. However, please keep in mind that this schedule is written for three-day camps. If your child attends a two-day Thanksgiving camp, it will vary slightly.

STEM: Robotics, Coding & Engineering

Day 1: Robotics

  • PreK-1: Wonder Robotics: Dash Algorithms
  • 2 – 5 : Lego Robotics: Pass the Brick

Day 2: Makerspace

  • PreK-1: Rocket Challenge
  • 2 – 5 : Parachute Challenge
  • Older & Advanced Students: Tower Challenge

Day 3: Robotics

  • PreK-1: Wonder Robotics: Dash Racing
  • 2 – 5 : Lego Robotics: Going the Distance

ARTS: Creative Crafting

Day 1: Arts & Crafts

  • PreK-1: Fall Turkey Project
  • 2 – 5 : Fall Tree

Day 2: Origami

  • All Ages: Origami Animals 

Day 3: Arts & Crafts

  • PreK-1: Popsicle Stick Scarecrows
  • 2 – 5 : Fall Wreath Project 
A Kid performing Basketball drill at the KidzToPros Thanksgiving Camp

SPORTS: FUNdamentals – Drills, Coaching & Skill-Building

Day 1: Soccer

  • PreK-2: Age-Specific Drills
  • 3 – 5 : Age-Specific Drills

Day 2: Basketball

  • PreK-2: Age-Specific Drills
  • 3 – 5: Age-Specific Drills

Day 3: Tennis

  • PreK-2: Age-Specific Drills
  • 3 – 5 : Age-Specific Drills
Kids with the laptop at Kidztopros Thanksgiving Camp

KidzToPros’ Thanksgiving Camps 2022: The Learning Continues

The Thanksgiving holiday doesn’t have to be frustrating or stressful this year. With Thanksgiving camps by KidzToPros, you and your children can enjoy all the perks of school – with none of the pressure. 

Don’t get blindsided by the school break. Instead, get prepared for school holidays now, before they hit. Our exciting blend of STEM, arts and sports topics is a must-do for students – and a lifesaver for parents. Enroll NOW

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