34 Favorite Snowy Day Activities

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Keep the kids occupied, and off their phones, when you’re stuck at home on a snowy day. Or maybe you live someplace where it doesn’t snow. These will still work for cold days. Lots of ways to avoid hearing that dreaded, “I’m bored!” Whether you find yourself inside or outside, with your kids looking to you for entertainment, check out these favorite snowy day activities.

Indoor favorites on a snowy day

1. Make your kitchen a café for hot drinks.

Get out the lemon, cinnamon sticks and honey for hot tea. Create a spread including marshmallows, candy canes, whipped cream and sprinkles for hot chocolate. If someone is looking for coffee, offer flavored syrup, cream and whipped toppings for them. Everybody’s happy!

2. Build some stuff.

Go through the house and collect pillows, blankets, cushions and toys. Pick a room with some space to play and sturdy furniture. Encourage your future engineers to create forts, clubhouses or obstacle courses.

3. Create delicious snow ice cream.

Mix together a few scoops of new snow and a cup of milk. This can be regular or fat-free milk, soy milk or coconut milk. If you have vanilla, honey or sugar, add that in along with sprinkles or flavored syrup.

4. Host a hunt.

Hide the most interesting things in your home. Create a treasure or scavenger hunt for the kids to find them. For example, favorites like stuffed animals or books. Or items of historical significance to your family and discuss afterwards.

5. Create a family newsletter.

Get together with poster boards, paper and pencils. Markers and other art supplies, too. Create sections for each family member. Encourage writing or artwork to share what’s new. You can also include recipes, book reviews, school news and more.  

7. Play games.

Get out old board or card games you haven’t played in a while. Pick a fun prize for the winner – like choosing dessert!

8. Make bracelets.

Using a variety of homemade supplies, create friendship bracelets for the whole family and close friends.

9. Serve fun meals.

Indoor campouts, picnics or potlucks can be just as fun as the outdoor ones. And more comfortable!

10. Make snowflake decorations.

Cut out and decorate your own snowflakes. Use different color papers or watercolors and markers to make them colorful.

11. Make up stories.

Sit in a circle and the first family member starts with a funny sentence about a character. Each family member builds on the story. This lasts for five minutes. Then someone else starts a new one.

12. Direct a family production.

These can be puppet shows, talent shows, dramas or comedies. Different family members will write, direct, act, or produce. Multi-talented relatives will do it all! 

13. Get in the kitchen.

Cook or bake something fun – together.

14. Enjoy a homemade spa day.

Take turns relaxing in a warm bubble bath. Make natural face masks and put cucumbers on your eyes. Do this while sipping chamomile tea. Then give each other manicures and pedicures. 

15. Host a fashion show.

Let the kids dress up in your fancy outfits. Include jewelry, headwear and makeup. Take pictures and play music while they strut back and forth to plenty of applause.

16. Read books.

Do this together with younger kids or separately with older readers.

17. Throw a dance party.

Invite friends or neighbors over for a fun way to burn extra energy.

Get outside on a snowy day for more fun

18. Sign up for holiday camps!

For example, KidzToPros has outstanding holiday camps combining STEM, arts and sports. Give your kids a fun winter break where they get to learn something new with friends. 

19. Visit a local beach.

It’s too cold to swim, but that’s okay. Put some hot cocoa in a thermos and bundle up. The ocean is still a beautiful sight to see.

20. Go sledding.

Pick small hills far away from cars, ponds, trees or other hazards.

21. Build a snowman, fort, or snow castle.

Get creative. How about snow women, too? With forts, always be extra careful not to make it too heavy on top. For snow castles, use the same equipment you’d use at the beach to make sandcastles.

22. Make snowballs.

This doesn’t have to be a snowball fight. See who can throw these snowballs the farthest or who can make the most in five minutes. Kids can also practice their aim with inanimate objects set up in the backyard.

23. Go hiking.

Enjoy a lovely walk. Spot tracks of various animals in the snow.

24. Experiment with ice.

Record how long it takes for water to freeze into ice. Do this in various locations and talk about the difference in time and result.

25. Create frozen suncatchers.

Set out a paper plate as a mold with water. Inside the plate place small branches, berries or twigs. After it’s frozen, remove the mold and hang from a tree or porch.

26. Enjoy ice skating or skiing.

Rinks have rental skates and rails for beginners. Lessons at a ski school are recommended before hitting the slopes. This is the year to get started!  

27. Pose old frozen clothes.

Gather old clothes, soak them in water and put them outside to freeze. Reshape them to look like they’re being worn by invisible people. Set up different scenes from favorite movies or books in your front yard.

28. Go snowmobiling.

When you’re tired from all the activity, stop and have a chilly picnic. Serve soup, stews or macaroni & cheese. Wash it down with warm apple cider. 

29. Make snow angels.

Afterwards, make their faces with pinecones for eyes, sticks or leaves for hair, and berries for their mouths.

30. Catch snowflakes.

Take a black piece of paper or felt to catch them with your kids. Then talk about how they’re made and so very different from each other.

31. Help out where you can.

Consider shoveling and salting drive/walk ways for elderly neighbors.  

32. Host a hot chocolate stand.

Similar to lemonade stands in the summer, this is a way to encourage your kids’ entrepreneurial spirit.

33. Make snow tree faces.

Pack heavy snow on the side of a tree. Carefully mold it into a face and add rocks, berries or old leaves to create eyes, noses and mouths.  

34. Soak in an outdoor hot tub.

Fill up a tub or kiddie pool with warm water and be sure to supervise the young ones.

Snowy or cold days inside can be wonderful adventures. Fun ways to bond with your children and create treasured memories. Enjoy these snowy day activities and create more of your own. 

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